[Legacy] PSIsafe: Issue 12.06: Cannot print to SAFE more than once out of a Word Document

Cannot print to SAFE more than once out Word document open from Outlook 2003 Message. It was working till a couple of days ago and stopped working all of a sudden.
1. Rename Normal.dot and allow Word to recreate it
2. In Outlook, Tools > Options Uncheck Use Word for editing.

Normal.dot Information:

Open Word, and using Tools-Options, File locations tab. Double-click User templates. The location is in the lower area of the window under Folder name. If you're unable to see the whole path, hit your Home key on the keyboard.

You may have settings in your normal.dot that you would like to keep, such as customized toolbars and macros, while getting rid of normal.dot may be necessary due to corruption. So, instead of deleting normal.dot, it is recommended that you rename it to abnormal.dot or normal1.dot.
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