PSIcapture Automation: File Sorting Method and Folders/Subdirectories


How does File Sorting function within the product? How does automation sort create dates when "Monitor Subdirectories only" is applied?


Automation functions in the following order when sorting and prioritizing Queue Creations (Example: Using 2 Capture Profiles with 2 monitored directories each)

  1. The Capture Service will initiate Automation if enabled at the start of the Service.
  2. Automation will search the Configuration.mdf database and look for Capture Profiles that have Auto Import enabled for them.
  3. This list will be returned based on the Capture Profiles creation time within the Configuration.mdf database.
    1. The oldest entry Capture Profile will be the first in the Automation list to have its contents scanned.
    2. The newest entry Capture Profile will be the last in the Automation list to have its contents scanned.
  4. Monitored Directories are scanned top to bottom how they appear in the Capture Profile by the Automation function/Autoimportprocessor.
    1. If File Sorting is selected in this case by create date and no subdirectories/folders are involved. It will auto sort the contents based on the create date. The files with the oldest create date will be queued first.
    2. If Monitor subdirectories is selected the order of folder structure is not maintained in File Sorting.
      1. A randomized subdirectory/folder list is given by Windows and File Sorting parameters are not applied to folders.
      2. The documents within each subdirectory/folder will have File Sorting applied to them individually. Remember only the contents within the folder is sorted into a queue folder. Automation does not look at all folders and the contents within and then apply File Sorting. It sorts per folder and only sorts the contents within the folder into queue folders to be processed by automation.


File sorting method in its current state within and earlier will only apply File Sorting to contents within the folder. Only the contents of Folders known as documents; Create Date, Modified Date, and File Name are applied to File sorting method within Automation.

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