[Legacy] PSIsafe: Issue 02.01: Login button does not get enabled even after long period


The Login button does not get enabled at all even after long period of waiting.



1) Check if CNG-Server service is currently running
2) Check if the CABINET Server IP address is correctly entered in the Server Connection Configuration window
3) Check to see if there is communication between the client and server. In the CMD prompt, PING between the Server and Client and then the other way.
4) If the client is on a “Workgroup” and NOT on a Domain, the CABINET Remoting Port should be set to “8993” and the Channel type “http”
   Note: To use “TCP” channel when the client is on a “Workgroup” certain criteria need to be met.
Requirements to get then CABINET client/server communicating in a Windows Workgroup environment using TCP.
The pc running Server and the pc running SAFE both must have IDENTICAL windows usernames and passwords.
PC-Client: Current windows username "Bob" with password "1234". Must be logged into the pc as "Bob".
PC-Server: This machine must have a windows username "Bob" with the same password "1234"
5) Check to see if a windows firewall is turned ON or a 3rd party firewall is being employed. E.g.: Trend Micro, Bit Defender etc. If so turn it off to see if that fixes the issue. If it does fix the issue turn on the program and then set exception to the CABINET SAFE ports (8993, 8994, 11000)
6) Windows 7:
1. Step 1: Go to the following directory: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\CNG
2. Step 2: Look for the following file: CNG-Server-Info.xml
3. Step3a: If file exists, edit it and set the correct IP address to CABINET Server
4. Step3b: If file does NOT exist, copy file CNG-Server-Info.xml from C:\Program Files (x86)\CNG\CNG-SAFE and paste it here. edit it and set the correct IP address to CABINET Server
7) Find out if Proxy is being used. Go to Internet Options ConnectionLAN Settings. If Proxy Server is being used, Click Advanced and set Exceptions.

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