PSIsafe Client Troubleshooting: Issue 08.01: On startup of PSIsafe or Imageman you get error Configuration System Failed to Initialize


When starting PSIsafe Client or Imageman, you receive an error: Configuration System failed to Initialize.


Delete the User.config for PSIsafe Client:

  1. Exit PSIsafe Client.
  2. In Windows File Explorer, navigate to C:\Users\<Windows Username>\AppData\Local\PSIGEN_Software,_Inc.
    Note: There may be a number of similar paths; make sure you navigate to the one as entered above (with a comma in the path). Also note that in earlier versions, the final directory may be called Cabinet_NG_Inc.
  3. Select all folders that start with CNG.Safe.Client.exe_Url_, right-click one of the selected folders, and click Delete.
  4. Re-open the PSIsafe Client.

The folder(s) deleted in step 3 will be recreated as needed by the PSIsafe Client. You may need to reset certain local options after deletion, but other data will not be affected.

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