PSIsafe Reference: Migrate or Restore Batch Capture temporary documents / missing documents in Batch Capture



In some instances, temporary files in a pre-filed stage of Batch Capture may be lost if the user folder is inaccessible.

Some clients may perform a PC migration, encounter data loss, or otherwise alter/modify the location of their PSIsafe Desktop AppData folder, which contains unfiled Batch Capture documents as a temporary storage location:

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Cabinet NG\CNGBatch\Images\LoadedImages
C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Cabinet NG Inc\CNGBatch\Images\LoadedImages

These directories contain the extracted or partially converted temporary files, which are still readable in their original extension at this stage of pre-filing.
This is the temporary storage location of files loaded into Batch Capture.

This collection can be migrated to their new / network shared storage location in one of two ways:

Solution one:
Transfer to local directory and re-load documents via Load.
Transfer the recovered images into the new location, migration, or recovered directory via windows explorer into a monitored directory and use the load feature.

Solution two
Transfer to any directory and re-load documents via drag and drop.
Transfer the recovered images into the new location, migration, or recovered directory via windows explorer, select all (Control-A) and drag all documents into the Batch Capture reception window on the left-hand side.

Solution three
Set up a Filer monitored directory and file documents individually.

Important notes:
Ensure that the client is aware of the batch synchronization option enabled, and that this location is set to a shared network location, or server directory that has read/write permissions for all users involved, via the path in PSIsafe Management and corresponding option in Batch Capture.

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