PSIsafe Reference: SQL Server Managment Studio: Edit Order of Columns in SSMS for PSIsafe log

Occasionally a PSIsafe administrator will need to edit their SQL DB to change the layout of the columns or other minor adjustments to how the log is displayed. Here is a walkthrough of the basics:

Launch SQL Management Studio on the server. After logging in, select the CNG_Main database and go to ‘Views’. Right click on the view that corresponds to your report and select design.


The column order is determined in the highlighted section to the right in the screen shot below where the Index list appears next to the word select. You will need to cut and paste the columns in the order you want them to appear in the spreadsheet. Once adjusted, save the view and then refresh the data in the spreadsheet.


They should re-order to the way you arranged them. As for the data, it is simply reading what is in the view.

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