PSIsafe How-to: Using Filer Monitored Directory as Print-to-PSIsafe Workaround

In some cases, whether there is a scanner error or the Black Ice / Colorprint print-to-safe driver is not responding properly, the Monitored Directory for PSIsafe Filer can be used to automatically prompt to file documents placed in the specified folder.


To begin, browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\CNG\CNG-SAFE\ and double-click CNG.Safe.Filer.exe to start the application in the task tray (bottom-right). To ensure this application launches each time Windows is started, go to Options > Other > "Set Filer Startup Key in Registry". Once the application is launched, you should be able to see an icon as in the attached screenshot:


Right-click on the icon and click "Path to monitor". Then, specify the folder which the scanner is placing the files, or, where the user wishes to manually place files. Then, when a file is next placed into the directory, Filer should appear to complete the filing process.

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