How-to: Update PSIsafe Workflow Rules on Content in Workflow

This article covers how to edit or update existing workflow rules in PSIsafe.



A user wants to change or edit existing Workflow rules while documents were active in the workflow to be edited.

They were aware of this message when attempting to edit an active workflow rule...



Generally, you can change the rules for documents, even for a workflow already in progress. Any documents currently in workflow will have their progression modified with the edits.


Important Notes:

1. If a document is currently in a particular step, e.g. User X is at step 2 of the workflow, and then User X is removed from the workflow, the document may be orphaned. Make sure any items currently at a particular step are not abandoned with the rule edits.

2. Any edits to the rule that the document has not yet reached in the workflow process will continue on the new path.

PSIGEN recommends running a workflow report in Management prior to editing the rules, to get a list of all current active items in that rule. Then, you can ensure items are not orphaned due to the rule edit.

In summary, it is OK to edit the rule, you just need to make sure not to orphan any current items due to the edits.

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