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Capturing and Importing Documents via PSIsafe Filer


Filer is an interface that allows filing of documents via drag and drop, print to, and import. Drag and drop can be performed directly to PSIsafe from programs such as Microsoft Outlook or Windows Explorer. To file a document using drag and drop, simply drag the file by holding the left mouse button down and dropping the file onto the PSIsafe interface. Naming template is not required.

1. Drag a file to either the folder screen or to an open folder.
2. Release the mouse button and the Filer screen will appear.
3. For first time use, or use with the Filer Monitored location, you must enter your user name and password on the standard PSIsafe Login screen.
4. Next, you'll fill out the following information on the Details tab first:

Details Tab Descriptions:

  1. Skip Page, Remove, and Preview allow the user to skip a selected page from the que, remove it, or preview it in the preview window to the right.
  2. Repository, Cabinet, and Folder - Enter or select this information for filing. This will automatically populate with the folder information selected at the time of drag and drop if you have browsed to that folder within PSIsafe.
  3. Title - Fill in additional information alongside the automatically populated segments based on your Template configuration in PSIsafe Management.
  4. Tab - Select the corresponding tab for filing.
  5. Template - Select the specific template, which will then bring up additional naming segments.
  6. To set document to preview when the filer opens, select Configure Display and Enable Preview.
  7. File Only - Will file the document without further configuration.
  8. File & Route - Allows user to further specify workflow rules and routing to specific PSIsafe users or groups.

Additionally, you can select further specifications in the Options tab:



Options Tab Descriptions:

  1. Sensitivity - Set a document security class as setup in PSIsafe Management.
  2. Retention - Set a document's retention (how long it will be kept) as setup in PSIsafe Management.
  3. Manager - Set a specific document Manager (program that will open the document) as setup in PSIsafe Management Managers.
  4. Primary Sort Index - When browsing the Folder Browser section of PSIsafe, this will be the primary index used for sorting this particular document.
  5. Reference Index - When browsing the Folder Browser section of PSIsafe, this will be the reference index used for searching and reference.
  6. Attachment - Attach the specific document to another document in the child-parent document hierarchy of PSIsafe.
  7. Keywords - Specify keywords used for search functionality.
  8. Scheduling - Specify a date for scheduling that can be further detailed upon selecting File Only or File & Route.
  9. Select File all documents to file multiple documents that have been dragged and dropped or placed into the Filer monitored directory. Each document will be filed to the same location specified continuously until the que is empty.
  10. Select Show restricted templates to filter the template list to options restricted to that user or location.


Auto Create Manager Functionality

When dragging a dropping a file into PSIsafe, if a Manager does not exist for a document being filed, the system will automatically create one for that file type. Add a document that does not have an existing Manager defined. Example: Dragging a .psd file into PSIsafe with no Manager defined will result in a “psd Manager” being created, and the file name will be used for the Document Title. This Manager can then be viewed or edited in PSIsafe Management.


Extended file name display in Filer
When filing multiple documents with Filer, the user can stretch the Filer dialog box to display long file names. Simply drag the window at the edge with the "extension arrow" until it suits your specific needs.



Filer Options
Filer is designed to support a wide range of filing requirements. Users can tailor Filer to match their particular preferences.

Options > Client > Filer



Use Outlook file name for document title in Filer
If you are using Microsoft Outlook 2007 or later, certain settings may be necessary to support drag and drop of an Outlook message using Filer. There are two document title methods available: System Default and User Options. The System Default is configured in Management and can be overridden, on a per-user basis, by selecting the “Use Outlook file name for document title in Filer” box.

This setting will use the file name (generally the Outlook message subject) as the file name. This must be used in cases where the Outlook installation prevents PSIsafe from extracting message data from the file and results in an error message.


Enable Quick Filer
Quick filer simplifies drag and drop filing of documents into PSIsafe. When enabled, users can file documents using the documents file name and drop location e.g. Folder, Tab or document list area. Quick Filer is only used with Drag and Drop or Import operations. When using Quick Filer, if you need to fill out more details for your document (templates, security classes, etc.) simply click the “Advanced” button to display the standard Filer window.

Supported Sources for using Quick Filer:

  • Drag and Drop from Cabinet Explorer
  • Drag and Drop from Windows Explorer
  • Drag and Drop from Windows desktop
  • Drag and Drop from Outlook
  • Import from Windows Explorer


Using Quick Filer

First, enable Quick Filer in the Options > Client > Filer Enable Quick Filer

Drag and drop a file onto a folder within the Folder Browser. The Tab Selected is the First Tab ordered alphabetically. To change this, see the Tab Select section below.

Then, when you Drag and Drop a file onto the Document List area:

a) If a tab is already selected, Quick Filer will use the selected tab e.g. “Correspondence” when the item is dropped on the document list area.

b) If “All” tab is selected and the item is dropped on the document list area, Quick Filer will file the Item to the first tab (alphabetically).


Enable Quick Filer: Tab Select

Users can enable Tab control by also selecting the Tab Select option in Options > Client > Filer Enable Quick Filer: Tab Select

Operation is the same as Quick Filer, with the exception of being able to confirm and change the tab.

After selecting your quick options Click File button to initiate the filing process. You'll get a status message at the bottom and the dialog window exits upon completion.

Alternatively, click the File & Route button to initiate the filing process by filing the document and then bringing up the Workflow Route Window. If you click cancel on this secondary window, since the document is already filed, only the Routing action is cancelled.


Enable Auto Attach Drag and Drop
When the Enable Auto Attach Drag and Drop is selected, documents will automatically be attached as a child when dropped onto another document in the document in the list area. Documents will be filed as a Parent when dropped over a Tab or into the document list “white” space (empty area). If an item is dropped onto a Cabinet, the full filer will be presented. If it’s dropped onto a Folder the first tab (alphabetically) will be selected.


Quick Filer OCR setting
PDF documents are either searchable or not searchable. Non searchable PDFs can be made searchable by performing an OCR function. The Quick Filer OCR setting determines if the OCR function will be performed on non-searchable PDFs when documents are added to PSIsafe via Quick Filer. The OCR function is not performed on PDFs that are already searchable.



Print To PSIsafe
Documents may be filed using the PSIsafe printer. In any application, with an open document (outside PSIsafe), select the file button and click on print, or whichever method allows you to pull up the standard print dialog. Only one document at a time may be printed to PSIsafe. Once PSIsafe is selected as the printer; an electronic document is created in either PDF or TIF image format. After that, the standard Filer will appear allowing classification and filing of the document. The same steps outlined above are used to file the printed image. Document Template is not required.

There are several methods to print documents from PSIsafe. Print may be selected on the button bar, under Tools, or by dragging and dropping a document onto the speed bar at the bottom. You can select multiple documents to print at the same time.



Send to
Go to Explorer and select document, highlight, right-click the selected document, select Send to, and the document will then appear in the Filer window in native format. You can then select the filing parameters and file the document into PSIsafe. Document Template is not required.

To scan or open a file from hard drive use scan or load. Format must be TIF, PDF, JPG, BNG. Must have a Document Template. More information about Batch can be found in the Batch Capture Guide.


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