Accessing Batch Capture locks up, or throws a "Object Reference not set to an Instance of an Object"

When users login to PSIsafe, and then try to open or access Batch, they may receive an error about "Object Reference not set to an Instance of an Object", and Batch is unusable.  It doesn't populate any images, nor can they file images into PSIsafe.

This can be caused by corrupt or missing information within the dbo.BatchUserSettings table.  In order to clear this, you first need to open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and login to the server.  Then, expand the CNG_Main database (or whatever your database is named that houses the PSIsafe Server).  First go to the dbo.Users table, and Select Top 1000 Rows.  Review the data to match the UserID column with the appropriate UserName or FullName value.  Once you have determined the UserID value, you then need to go to dbo.BatchUserSettings and Edit Top 200 Rows.  In this table, locate the Row that matches the UserID found in the previous step.

Delete this row and commit changes to the database.  Then, have the user test by accessing Batch again and verify the issue is resolved.


WARNING:  Before making any changes/deletions or commits to the SQL Database, we HIGHLY recommend making sure the CNG_Main database is backed up.  Improper use or removal of data within the SQL Database may cause permanent damage or corruption to the PSIsafe environment.

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