PSIsafe 12 Version History

Version History Overview

This page contains the most up to date release notes for PSIsafe 12 product family. To help us make PSIsafe the best product possible, report any issues you find to your sales or support representative, or through our support portal at Below is a breakdown of the PSIsafe 12 releases:


PSIsafe Releases in 2021



PSIsafe Releases in 2020



Helpful References

PSIsafe Cloud 12.1 ( is in General Availability Release

Release Date: May 18, 2021

PSIsafe Cloud

PSIsafe for Cloud 12.1 is now available for Azure cloud customers. Please see release notes for PSIsafe Desktop & Server 12.1 (

PSIsafe Desktop & Server 12.1 ( General Availability Release Notes

Release Date: May 17, 2021

PSIsafe Desktop Client & PSIsafe Server

checkmark1.png Feature Enhancements
  • SAFE-1558: Enhanced the document list paging functionality (within Folders) to improve document list load times for large data sets. This enhancement allows a user to set their desired number of documents per page (options) as well as sort their documents in ascending/descending order using column headers.


exclamation1.png Bug Fixes
  • SAFE-1499: Resolved an issue when viewing the Summary of a Document Template in PSIsafe Management where Document Indexes were referred to as Segments incorrectly and and the Index Name was blank.
  • SAFE-1523: Resolved two issues where attempting to edit a PDF or Excel document from workflow resulted in an error message; and attempting to edit a DOC or TXT document does not display the preview pane and disabled all the buttons on the toolbar.
  • SAFE-1524: Resolved an issue where the incorrect document was being opened for editing from Workflow.
  • SAFE-1529: Resolved an issue with Quick Filer that prevented filing where file types were different.
  • SAFE-1534: Resolved an issue where Document Titles were failing to use currency values when defined as index field values.
  • SAFE-1544: Resolved an issue in PSIsafe Management where using the arrow keys on the keyboard did not refresh the summary section in Management Access Rights and subsequent screens.
  • SAFE-1545: Resolved an issue where TIF files were not viewable through Imageman in PSIsafe Management.
  • SAFE-1548: Resolved an issue where sorting documents using column headers only sorted the current page’s list of documents rather than the entire document set within the folder.
  • SAFE-1550: Resolved an issue where using <fn> or <FileName> functions in a Document Template title would result in inconsistent title display. Both should produce the same result--the document’s file name.
  • SAFE-1554: Resolved an issue where the pagination control was not updating the total number of available pages after several documents were deleted from the Document List panel.
  • SAFE-1562: Resolved an issue where document searches performed via the Advanced Query dialog were not returning any results.
  • SAFE-1563: Resolved an issue where pagination was not displaying properly when switching between layouts.
  • SAFE-1572: Resolved an issue where a Template Restriction was preventing a document Copy into a permitted Cabinet destination.
  • SAFE-1573: Resolved an issue where Templates with restrictions were not available to users on Filer.
  • SAFE-1574: Resolved an issue where attempting to edit a document from the list of Document Search result would open the wrong file.
  • SAFE-1592: Resolved an issue that displayed an incorrect assigned rights information on the Effective tab within PSIsafe Management.
  • SAFE-1601: Resolved an issue where the view of the Document List panel defaults back to the first page after editing the document data.
  • SAFE-1602: Resolved an issue where the Tab’s document count included documents that are not visible to the user.
  • SAFE-1621: Resolved an issue where document list sort order was not being retained after user logged out.
  • SAFE-1622: Resolved issue where upgrading databases originating before Cabinet SAFE 10.4 would cause display errors in certain instances.


Known Issues:

  1. Using PSIsafe Desktop Filer features "File All Documents" + "Convert to PDF" where Document Templates are not configured will result in errors during filing.
  2. Using PSIsafe Desktop Filer features "File All Documents" + "Convert to PDF" where one or more of the documents is not supported for conversion will result in errors during filing.
  3. PPTX file type previews presents "animation group failed" error.


PSIsafe Desktop & Server 12.1 ( General Availability Release Notes

Release Date: March 1, 2021

PSIsafe Desktop Client & PSIsafe Server

checkmark1.png Feature Enhancements
  • SAFE-1526: Improved user functionality when filing documents by allowing users to perform a type-ahead search in the Folder field to select the correct folder on Document Filer.
  • SAFE-1528: Improved user functionality by providing additional information on Document Template in the Document Info window.


exclamation1.png Bug Fixes
  • SAFE-1513: Resolved an issue where an error could occur when scanning a document using a TIF template.
  • SAFE-1533: Resolved an issue where Folder Search was unavailable from Batch Capture.
  • SAFE-1542: Resolved an issue where a user could encounter an error when selecting Print or Edit after searching a Cabinet for a document.


PSIsafe Web Lite 12.1 ( General Availability Release Notes

Release Date: January 19, 2021

PSIsafe Web Lite

info1.png New Features
  • SAFW-111: Upgraded PSIsafe Web Lite to function with PSIsafe 12.1. Because PSIsafe Web Lite does not support document indexes, document creation and workflow functions are suppressed. Users may search for, view, and edit documents from within PSIsafe Web Lite. (Note: Use Download Document to view TXT and Outlook files.)


PSIsafe for Cloud 12.1 is in General Availability Release

Release Date: January 19, 2021

PSIsafe Desktop Client & PSIsafe Server for Cloud

PSIsafe for Cloud 12.1 is now available for all new cloud customers. Please see release notes for PSIsafe Desktop & Server 12.1 ( and below).


PSIsafe Desktop & Server 12.1 ( General Availability Release Notes

Release Date: January 19, 2021

PSIsafe Desktop Client & PSIsafe Server

exclamation1.png Bug Fixes
  • SAFE-1479: Resolved an issue that did not allow users to input any value other than a default value for Filter By: Days Back in the Management > Tracking > Reports section when adding a query in PSIsafe Management.
  • SAFE-1482: Resolved an issue with document templates so that the Name column will be an empty string if the default value is not entered.
  • SAFE-1495: Resolved an issue where all document titles were based on first document title when filling.
  • SAFE-1498: Resolved an error while attempting to file more than one document using Quick Filer.
  • SAFE-1500: Resolved an issue causing child document inconsistencies in the document display where large numbers of child documents are attached to parent document.
  • SAFE-1501: Resolved an issue preventing retention documents from displaying in a Document Search.
  • SAFE-1505: Resolved an issue where the Generic Quick Filer was displaying within Batch Capture.


PSIsafe Desktop & Server 12.1 ( General Availability Release Notes

Release Date: November 12, 2020

PSIsafe Desktop Client & PSIsafe Server

exclamation1.png Bug Fixes
  • SAFE-1447: Fixed a performance issue that was causing unusual delays when opening controls that display document templates with numerous restrictions.


PSIsafe Desktop & Server 12.1 ( General Availability Release Notes

Release Date: November 2, 2020

PSIsafe Desktop Client & PSIsafe Server

info1.png New Features
  • Added Document Indexes:
    • SAFE-864: Users are now able to add, edit, and delete one or more document indexes per document when filing or editing a document. Additionally, document indexes may now be used in search and workflow to strengthen a user's ability to find and route documents based on specific document metadata.
    • SAFE-274: Added document index support within Batch Capture.
    • SAFE-275: Added the functionality where document titles will be dynamically generated based on document index values specified within PSIsafe Management. When user modifies index values, the document title will be generated from these values.
    • SAFE-276: Added functionality to the Combine Images feature so that document template index prompts are presented to the user. When combining documents, and the user clicks File to PSIsafe, the user is presented with the document Filer screen just as if the user are filing new documents.
    • SAFE-277: Added functionality to allow users to filter and search based on document index values within the Recycle Bin.
    • SAFE-282: Added the ability to route documents in workflow based on document index values.
    • SAFE-283: Added document indexes that may be designated as user-configurable fields. Data types include: Text, Numeric, Decimal, Currency, Date/Time, AutoNumber, Boolean, and Memo/Notes.
    • SAFE-285: Updated Document Templates to support document indexes within Filer, Batch Capture, and Document Data windows.
    • SAFE-286: Added the ability for users to utilize pick lists within document templates to constrain user inputs for document indexes during filing operations.
    • SAFE-287: Added the ability for the document template to provide data input masking so that user inputs may be constrained to desired formats and values. This feature is available from within Filer, Batch Capture, and Document Data windows.
    • SAFE-288: Added the ability to add, edit, and remove document indexes from the document when filing or editing the document.
    • SAFE-289: Added the the option to provide a friendly name for a document index from the document template within PSIsafe Management.
    • SAFE-290: Added the ability to specify that certain index fields remain "sticky" or persistent during filing operations. This option is configured by the administrator and allows users to specify a value remains in place for each subsequent record added to reduce the amount of redundant data entry required during filing operations.
    • SAFE-292: Added the ability for administrators to specify that data entry types for a document index field can be free-text (user input), pick from list, or both.
    • SAFE-293: Ensured that pick list items may be added, edited, or deleted; alphabetized and moved up or down the list; imported or exported; and that end-users may be prevented from deleting items from the pick list.
    • SAFE-297: Added the ability to make document index field required prior to filing document.
    • SAFE-298: Added the ability for administrators to specify that certain index fields remain "sticky" or persistent during filing operations within PSIsafe Management.
    • SAFE-299: Added the ability to provide administrator-configurable document titles or allow a default naming schema utilizing the first document index available. System variables may used to configure document titling.
    • SAFE-301: Added the ability to add, edit, or delete document indexes from document templates within PSIsafe Management This feature replaces Naming Segments, allowing administrators to specify any number of document indexes per document template.
    • SAFE-302: Extended permission sets so that document indexes correlate to the user's document rights.
    • SAFE-467: Added the ability to display the document indexing information when highlighting a document within the document list.
    • SAFE-475: Added the ability for users to copy and paste document index values along with the documents being copied.
    • SAFE-517: Added the ability for end-users to edit document indexes directly from search results.
  • New and Improved Search:
    • SAFE-1043: Provided a new and improved search interface to allow end-users to: Combine Folder and Document search criteria when searching for documents; specify data in a given range of values when searching folder and document indexes; specify document index criteria across multiple document templates; save and edit document index search criteria; and convert all saved queries created in previous versions of PSIsafe.
    • SAFE-279: Added the ability for users to perform document searches using the new Document Search Criteria in order to find items that contain specific document index values.
    • SAFE-280: As part of the new and improved PSIsafe search design, added the ability for users to search documents based on document index values.
    • SAFE-281:  The functionality for complex "and/or" queries has been added.
    • SAFE-593: Added the ability to toggle on or off the Document Index within Filer or Edit Document Data controls under the file menu Document List panel > Layout > View > Document Information.
    • SAFE-595: Added a a user option within Filer Options tab to allow Continuous Add feature to be selected as default behavior. Enabling this setting will allow users to continuously add new document index records by navigating to the next record rather than being required to exit and re-enter Filer or click Add/New button each time.
    • SAFE-596: Added additional functionality to document index data entry when adding or editing a record to include save and cancel operation buttons along with keyboard shortcuts for each operation.
    • SAFE-1093: Added the ability to utilize Quick Filer with Document Indexes via a permanent "Generic Quick Filer" template. Filing of a document through Quick Filer results in a document that has the file name as the title and a single document record.
    • SAFE-690: As part of the new and improved PSIsafe search design, added the ability to allow users to load previously saved search queries using the Load Query functionality.
  • DocuSign Integration
    • SAFE-1127: Added the ability to configure the integration of DocuSign with PSIsafe in PSIsafe Management.
    • Added the ability to send existing documents to DocuSign for electronic signature from within PSIsafe.
    • SAFE-1204: Added the ability to create a new document from PSIsafe by using an existing DocuSign template, route that document for electronic signature (via DocuSign workflow) and return the newly created document to PSIsafe for storage.
    • SAFE-1204: Added the ability to route one or more documents to DocuSign via a central form.
    • SAFE-1206: Added the ability to enable or disable PSIsafe user access to DocuSign via PSIsafe Management.
    • SAFE-1293: Added a new "DocuSign Dashboard" where users can see the status of all submitted envelopes, delete envelopes, and manually file completed envelopes in PSIsafe.
    • SAFE-1330: Added the ability for PSIsafe users to easily send a document to DocuSign by dragging the document to the PSIsafe Speed Bar.
  • Improved Performance and Security
    • SAFE-1386: Added the ability to create a centralized storage location for all configuration files associated with the 32-bit framework.
    • SAFE-1406: Added new "Disable Automatic Login feature to enhance security. This checkbox is located in PSIsafe Management under System > Settings > Options > Login.
  • SAFE-516: Added the ability to set a Folder Index field's input mask.


checkmark1.png Feature Enhancements
  • Added Document Indexes:
    • SAFE-594: Added the default behavior to automatically add document indexes for new documents.
    • SAFE-626: Enhanced the ease of use of Build Titles for Document Templates within PSIsafe Management.
    •  SAFE-628: Enhanced the user experience by focusing the user to the first field in the Add Record screen. During Continuous Add the user is focused to the first non-read-only, non-sticky field that is empty.
    • SAFE-943: Added requirement that users must refile documents when copying and pasting documents to target location where the currently used document template is not provisioned for the target location.
    • SAFE-976: Added ability to restrict the title by setting "Title Is Read Only" option in the Document Template.
    • SAFE-1023: Added the ability for date default values to respect the embedded format while adding or editing a Document Template within PSIsafe Management.
    • SAFE-1026: Added a feature that where the user is notified of a required document index field via an asterisk being appended to the document index label.
    • SAFE-1245: Hotkey added (CTRL + G) for Document Index Panel Layout display.
    • SAFE-1251: Added warning and confirmation dialogs to provide additional protective measures for deleting document indexes from within PSIsafe Management Document Templates. Deleting document indexes from the Document Template destroys all instances of that value within the database.
  • New and Improved Search:
    • SAFE-536: Added new functionality to allow users to search for documents using both Folder and Document Indexes.
    • SAFE-842: Added functionality including a debug mode to display a SQL logging dialog during the upgrade or installation of the PSISafe Server.
    • SAFE-1273: Add the ability for users to search for documents that have no document indexes defined.
  • DocuSign Integration
    • SAFE-1197: Removed eSign from the application in this release.
  • Performance and Security Enhancements:
    • SAFE-328: Added the ability to show/hide obsolete options within PSIsafe Management by selecting or unselecting the option to Show Obsolete Options checkbox.
    • SAFE-498: Added the ability for the user to adjust PSIsafe Workflow Action Duration Value by manually typing in addition to using up and down arrows.
    • SAFE-559: Added the ability to use long file names of up to 7,000 Variable Character (VarChar) values for Document Template Titles.
    • SAFE-619: Added the ability to utilize email metadata when building Document Titles for email fields in Document to include: Email received date, Email message sender, Email received date, Email sent date, Email sent date, Email message recipient, Email subject line, and explicit use of <FileName> in document indexing.
    • SAFE-629: Restricted a workflow document and its indexes from being edited by any unauthorized users.
    • SAFE-636: Extended the functionality of Folder Navigation options within PSIsafe. Users will now see two sets of buttons labeled as "Current Set" and "Folder Sets" allowing users to navigate between the currently displayed list of documents (on page) as well as between folders across pages.
    • SAFE-686: Addressed an issue where the total number of folders in a given Cabinet was displayed. Now, only the number of folders to which a user has permission is displayed.
    • SAFE-745: Added a license check for user license type during drag-and-drop file operations in PSIsafe Desktop Client. An error message is now presented if the license is ViewOnly.
    • SAFE-817: Added functionality to hide documents where users do not have permission to view. Users will no longer see "cannot display" as document title.
    • SAFE-862: Standardized drag-and-drop operations at the Cabinet and Folder levels to only allow "drop on top" functionality (denoted by straight, green arrow), while allowing both "drop on top" (straight, green arrow) and "drop underneath" (curved, blue arrow) functionality at the Document level.
    • SAFE-891: Added minimum size of the Document Filer control to 615w x 400h (pixels).
    • SAFE-908: Added "infinite scrolling" to the Document List and provides a substantial performance increase for large document lists.
    • SAFE-928: Added functionality where the Document Filer will now recognize multiple file types are being filed. This functionality also prevents multiple documents with different extensions from being selected during a filing operation.
    • SAFE-1114: Updated minimum requirement to support Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (version 11) or later. Customers will be presented an informational error if the version is not supported.
    • SAFE-1163: Updated the PSIsafe URL to point to the new 12.0 PSIsafe Cloud environment.
    • SAFE-1290: Add UserGUID column to PSIsafe DB Users table to allow Azure Cache for Redis to ensure users are uniquely identified when caching data per user.
    • SAFE-1309: Disallow users' ability to login to a PSIsafe Server from a PSIsafe Desktop client if the database version is lower than 12.1.
    • SAFE-1312: PSIsafe Desktop client, PSIsafe 32-bit Server, and PSIsafe Management installers now only support Windows 10+ and Windows Server 2016+.
    • SAFE-1332: Removed the Export function from the PSIsafe Speed Bar. Users are still able to access the Export function from the Tools menu.
    • SAFE-1346: Updated the Black Ice printer driver to most recent version.
    • SAFE-1389: This enhancement moves all client-side database scripts server-side.
    • SAFE-1399: Allow end users to add multiple document indexes when "Filing All Documents" checkbox is enabled in PSIsafe Filer.
    • SAFE-1454: Improved performance of the product by removing the option in PSIsafe Management > Settings to "Enable Preview Cache For Web".
    • SAFE-1463: Improved default performance of application by disabling OCR by default on all newly created Templates.


Note: The following PSIsafe options have been deprecated: Users Messages and Users AP tabs, as well as the Forms - Signature menu. Additionally, an information message has been added to inform administrators that "The Message option is obsolete and is not guaranteed to function correctly in this version."


exclamation1.png Bug Fixes
  • SAFE-316: Resolved an issue where Document Preview (Imageman) Page Size selection was not updating after new images were selected.
  • SAFE-321: Resolved an issue in PSIsafe Management where Folder Rights and Folder Export Rights were not displayed correctly when viewing Folder Information in Desktop Client.
  • SAFE-334: Resolved an issue where the notification icon was green within the Blue theme.
  • SAFE-402: Resolved an issue where Access Rights were assigned automatically on Security Class creation in Management application.
  • SAFE-433: Resolved an issue in PSIsafe Management where some menu items remained highlighted after selection.
  • SAFE-443: Resolved an issue where text in a disabled field in "Dark Theme" was hard to see.
  • SAFE-444: Resolved an issue in Batch Capture where paging on folder list displays incorrect label in last page.
  • SAFE-466: Added an identifying icon to indicate whether or not the SHARE file has been filed from SHARE. A "filled box" represents that the item has been filed from SHARE. An "empty box" indicates the item has not.
  • SAFE-483: Resolved an issue that produced an unhandled exception when running multiple reports from PSIsafe Management.
  • SAFE-501: Resolved an issue where Workflow options appeared enabled where the "Workflow Enabled" option was unchecked in Document Template Step 4.
  • SAFE-514: Updated the User Rights in Folder and Document Access in PSIsafe Management so that selected check boxes select or unselect in a cascading fashion; if unchecking a check box higher on the list, the boxes below it are unchecked automatically.
  • SAFE-554: Resolved an issue where font in the dark theme folder import/export controls were hard to read.
  • SAFE-582: Resolved an issue during file export where invalid characters used to name PSIsafe Tabs present "The given path's format is not supported" error. invalid characters are now converted to "_" and no error is shown.
  • SAFE-590: Resolved an issue where users toggled both Folder List and Folder Information panels on/off independently and were able to suppress both. This requires at least one of the controls to be present. This additionally resolved an issue where the Back button was missing from document list view.
  • SAFE-662: Resolved an issue where drag-drop file operation reset the scroll position in the document list.
  • SAFE-668: Resolved an issue in PSIsafe Management where the list of available items was not properly updated when switching users.
  • SAFE-832: Resolved an issue where the "Schedule for date" check box in the Document Filer would not remain checked between uses within the same session. This option will now retain the user-selected value when a user opens the next Document Filer session.
  • SAFE-843: Resolved an issue where PSIsafe no longer filtered templates based on Manager association.
  • SAFE-859: Resolved an issue where the mouse pointer did not update appropriately when hovering over folders.
  • SAFE-869: Resolved an issue where numeric fields would display placeholder syntax according to the data mask specified. If no data mask is selected, no formatting syntax will be displayed.
  • SAFE-895: Resolved an issue with the file upload logic when uploading large files > 1 GB
  • SAFE-896: Resolved an issue where new folders were not visible without logging off and logging on.
  • SAFE-904: Resolved an issue where the PSIsafe administrator was not prompted to save or cancel edit operations before being allowed to navigate elsewhere in PSIsafe Management.
  • SAFE-910: Resolved an issue where resizing or reorienting the Client Dashboard took longer than 30 seconds to become responsive to subsequent user interactions.
  • SAFE-933: Resolved an issue where the file extension of a combined PDF document would not fill with PDF in the options tab of Filer.
  • SAFE-947: Resolved an issue where users were unable select file extensions and file managers to file combined documents as needed.
  • SAFE-964: Resolved issue where users will now be notified when entries are longer than 255 characters in text-type document index fields.
  • SAFE-1051: Resolved an issue on Imageman where the single selected or multi-selected slides are not highlighted on the image pane.
  • SAFE-1052: Resolved an issue where using the SendTo feature would generate an "Sequence contains no elements" error.
  • SAFE-1085: The "Convert Document to PDF" checkbox is no longer displayed when filing PDFs. The following extensions can be converted to PDF: "JPG", "BMP", "PNG", "JPEG", "TIF", "TIFF", "DOC", "DOCX", "XLS", "XLSX".
  • SAFE-1233: Resolved an issue where several configuration check boxes were not displayed under the Document-Display tab.
  • SAFE-1297: Resolved an issue to prevent an end user from filing a document without selecting a restricted template and added a warning message when the template field is blank.
  • SAFE-1301: Resolved an error when users deleted saved searches.
  • SAFE-1362: Resolved an issue where loading PSIsafe Workflow containing a large number of documents in queue caused excessive delays for end user.
  • SAFE-1369: Resolved an issue where assigning Create rights to a user would also automatically assign Preview rights.
  • SAFE-1400: Resolved an issue where users were not able to Route multiple Folders from the Folder Search screen.
  • SAFE-1403: Resolved an issue where the PSISafe Printer is installed although the user opts not to install it during the installation process.


PSIsafe Server 64-bit and Open API 12.1 ( General Availability Release Notes

Release Date: November 2, 2020

PSIsafe Server 64-bit and Open API

info1.png New Features
  • SAFESRV-54: Added calls to support DocuSign integration. Removed calls for eSign.
  • SAFESRV-67: Added the ability to create a centralized storage location for all configuration files associated with the 64-bit framework.


checkmark1.png Feature Enhancements
  • SAFESRV-56: Added feature to limit the file size upload to DocuSign to 25 MB to prevent triggering DocuSign anti-fraud measures.
  • SAFESRV-66: PSIsafe 64-bit Server and PSIsafe Open API installers now only support Windows 10+ and Windows Server 2016+


exclamation1.png Bug Fixes
  • SAFESRV-58: Resolved an issue where missing application configuration settings would result in an unhandled exception and prevent the service from starting.


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