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PSIcapture Mailroom is a robust downstream application to PSIGEN's PSIcapture, capable of organizing a complete team-based approval system for a variety of business applications. From small-team task-oriented review to enterprise-scalable approvals and corrections, PSIcapture Mailroom can establish the users, manage their permissions, and link directly in and out of PSIcapture's workflow process to allows seamless integration into your existing Content Processing system.


What follows are some examples of PSIcapture Mailroom workflows that have helped business across the globe manage complex and intricate document and image processing.


PSIcapture Example Workflow: Educational Institution Internal Records Review

PSIcapture Mailroom offers the right features to pair to existing databases for internal record review. For example, a common database type is Microsoft Access, used for many HR and internal databases. In this example, a local elementary school has paired PSIcapture Mailroom with a Database Lookup, which allows them to input a Student ID (A Unique Index Value, which can be set as a key with a return set of values). When internal staff need to review documentation recently filed in-person at the School's location, several staff members can then internally review the documentation over the local network, ensuring no information travels outside the server location. During the review process, staff members can correct values that were misread by OCR/ICR recognition in PSIcapture as well as add additional information to fields as needed. The approval process sends the document back through the PSIcapture workflow, where it can be pushed to its final location for storage.


PSIcapture Example Workflow: Accounting, Payroll, and Invoicing Review

PSIcapture Mailroom offers a host of tools useful to an CPA/AP team going about standard processing of Invoices, Payroll, and other Accounting processes. Starting with a highly customizable PSIcapture workflow, indexing and lookup data can be extracted and paired with documents. These documents can then be sent to designated teams in various departments for several rounds of review. This review can include re-key features to ensure maximum validation and accountability options for your business security. Additionally, supervisors can review all work done by team members, and documents can be forwarded by other team members or supervisors as needed. As a final layer of validation, lookups can also be performed in the Mailroom web-based interface.


PSIcapture Example Workflow: County Elections System

Election processes are complex. PSIcapture Mailroom allows the board of elections to create a system that incorporates many layers of validation for incoming ballots. Scanned ballots can be configured to extract OMR and OCR data in PSIcapture, and match that data to corresponding candidates for the specific category. Then, lookup verification can double-check that candidate selection is valid, alongside human review inside PSIcapture Mailroom's interface to ensure that marked boxes, circles, and other filled-in marks correspond to the voter's decisions. Multiple rounds of validation can occur, and any unusual or indistinguishable marks can be easily escalated to management to enact designated protocols based on local law. All-in-all, PSIcapture Mailroom offers a robust series of secure checkpoints for large-scale teams to review, check, and transmit ballot data to secure government systems.


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