SentryFile Direct Migration Configuration

Migration Settings Tab

SentryFile System Options

Server Address

Enter the complete server address. i.e.

User Name

Enter the user name that has Administrator authority.


Enter the password for the above user.

Image/OCR File Options

Output File Format

Select Migrate Tiff Images, Migrate OCR Documents, or Migrate Tiff and OCR Documents.

Cabinet Options

Select from Existing

Select from the existing cabinets.

From Index Field

Select the index field that contains the desired value to match.

Other Options

The user may wish to execute another windows application as a part of this migration. In order to accomplish this, the user must configure the following:

Application to Launch

Select the windows executable to launch.

Application Arguments

Supply any command line arguments, if any. These are supplied by the executable’ developer.

Launch Timing

The user can choose between the following timing options to launch the executable:

  • Launch application after each Batch is migrated
  • Launch application after all selected Batches are migrated

Common Tabs

  • Field Settings
  • Custom File Naming
  • Document Title
  • Pre-Processing
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