[Legacy] QuickBooks Desktop Direct Migration Configuration


  • Version 7.2 of PSIcapture

  • Intuit QuickBooks (QuickBooks) Desktop Enterprise Software (version 19 tested)
  • PSIcapture must be running on the same system as QuickBooks Desktop application.

Important Notes

  • QuickBooks Online is not a supported platform.
  • Migration documents in QuickBooks is not supported by the QuickBooks API.
  • Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise 19 without advanced inventory control was the version of software used during testing. Results may differ depending on your version of this software and configuration of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Header/Line Item Fields FAQ

Supported Transactions

QuickBooks Desktop API supports several transaction types. Each transaction type has a minimum number of required fields that must contain the appropriate data to allow successful migration. Below is a list of supported transaction types and their required fields.

  1. Bill
    1. Vendor Name
    2. Expense Account
  2. Vendor Credit
    1. Vendor Name
    2. Expense Account
  3. Invoice
    1. Customer Job
    2. Item Name
  4. Credit Memo
    1. Customer Job
    2. Item Name
  5. Purchase Order
    1. Vendor Name
    2. Item Name
  6. Sales Order
    1. Customer Job
    2. Item Name
  7. Journal Entry
    1. Account Name
    2. Entity Name
    3. Class
    4. Matching debit and credit record(s)

Supported QuickBooks Lookups

  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Accounts
  • Items
  • Classes
  • Terms

Configuring the Migration in PSIcapture

Proceed to PSIcapture to configure your Capture Profile. You may choose to generate a new Capture Profile using our predefined QuickBooks Desktop Direct templates or add a migration to an existing Capture Profile.

  1. Install/Open PSIcapture and choose Add a new Capture Profile under Configuration.

  2. From the New Capture Profile Options window, select Create from a pre-defined template > QuickBooks Desktop TemplateNOTE: QuickBooks must be open for the initial configuration.
  3. Select QuickBooks company file, then test your connection.
  4. Initially, you will be required to confirm QuickBooks security settings. Select the appropriate setting for your workflow.
    1. For instance, if you prefer to have QuickBooks Desktop open during migration, then select Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open radio button.
    2. If you’d prefer to allow the migration to run automatically without QuickBooks Desktop being open, then select Yes, always allow access even if QuickBooks is not running.
  5. You will need to confirm some selections.

  6. You are able to adjust your choice from within Quickbooks Desktop as follows:
    1. Select Edit, Preferences, Integrated Applications, and Company Preferences tab.
    2. Highlight PSIcapture Integration and click the Properties button.
    3. Update your options as you prefer and save your settings.
  7. Select a transaction type.
  8. Configuring the migration for headers and line items:
    1. If you are only importing header information, then do not select Include line item fields.
    2. If you are importing header and line information, then select Include line item fields.
  9. Select which fields you would like to include. NOTE: You may deselect fields within the migration after creation.
  10. To enable multiple records per document, proceed to the Capture Profile, select Document Records, and select Allow multiple records per document. This may be required when importing line item details.
  11. Proceed to the Capture Profile Workflow and add a Migration step.
  12. Open the QuickBooks Desktop Direct migration.
  13. Adjust Field Setting header and line item detail mappings. NOTE: You may not save duplicate mappings.
  14. Build the rest of your Capture Profile as necessary.
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