[Legacy] AODocs Direct Migration Configuration


  • Version or greater of PSIcapture

  • Google Drive credentials (P12 file)
  • Google Service Account
  • Please contact your AODocs site admin for the following requirements:
    • AODocs Site Address
    • AODocs Storage Account
    • AODocs Security Code

Setting up your AODocs Direct Migration

Google Drive Connection Options

  1. Begin by creating a Google service accountusing the following link.
    1. https://console.developers.google.com/navigation-error;errorUrl=%2Fiam-admin%2Fserviceaccounts
  2. Select Create and the following list is shown. Select your recently created service account and select Actions.


  3. Then select Create Key.

  4. Select P12 and then select Create.

  5. You will see the following notification:

  6. When you select Close the browser will download the file locally. 

  7. Save this P12 file locally to your server and load this file to the Capture Profile configuration by selecting Browse next to Google Credentials:

  8. Enter your Google Drive service account:

  9. Once you have selected your P12 file for Google Credentials and specified your Service Account, select Test Connection to ensure your Google Drive connection options are set properly.

AODocs Connection Options

  1. Insert the Site Address to your AODocs repository. You will need to obtain this site address from AODocs - https://aodocs.altirnao.com

  2. Insert AODocs provided storage account name. NOTE: Contact your site administrator if you do not know this information.

  3. Insert your AODocs Security Code. NOTE: This can be created from the AODocs admin console under the third party access section.

  4. Once you have entered your AODocs Site Address, Storage Account, and Security Code, select Test Connection to ensure your AODocs connection options are set properly.

Image File Options

Migrate Image FIles 

Select this box to migrate image files to output the image files (i.e. Tiff, GIF, JPEG, etc.).

Image Source

Select the Image Source:

  • Main Image – Image you see within the capture viewer
  • Original Image – Only available if option on step 2 of 9 is selected (this image is not modified by Image Processing)
  • Alternate Images – Alternate images can be created at various times during the workflow (IE Image Processing: Crop)
Image Output Type

Select from the following:

  • Multi-Page Tiff Image
  • Single Page Tiff Images
  • Single Page JPEG Images
  • Single Page JPEG 2000 Images
  • Single Page BMP Images
  • Single Page GIF Images
  • Single Page PNG Images
  • Multi-Page PDF (Image Only)
  • Single Page PDFs (Image Only)
JPEG Quality

The default is 75 and is a good blend between quality and size. Raising the number will increase size and may increase the quality of the file. This setting affects Color, Grayscale and JPEG files only.

Tags to Output

When Alternate Images are selected as the Image Source, user can specify the image tag here. Only alternate images with the matching tag will be outputted. NOTE: Separate multiple tags using commas.

Alt. Page Behavior

Select from One Document with all tags, or One Document with each tag.

OCR and Extended File Format File Options

Migrate OCR or Extended File Format Files

This is for files created in the OCR module.

Files To Migrate

Select from the following:

  • All OCR Files for Document
  • Single OCR File by workflow position
  • OCR Files by file tags
  • Extended File Format source file

*NOTE: Non-Image file was changed to Extended File Format for versions 7.1 and above.

OCR workflow step position

Decide which OCR in the workflow to do this step. For example: Position 1 would be the first instance of OCR in the workflow.

Advanced Tab

Shared File Options

Duplicate Image/OCR File Behavior

When the program detects that it is about to create a duplicate Image/OCR file the user can select from the following behavior options:

  • Increment duplicate names (e.g.: 000001.tif, 000001_1.tif, 000001_2.tif)
  • Overwrite existing file
  • Use existing file
  • Stop Migrating
  • Add new version of Document

Single Page Output Options

Single page output options are only used if single page output is selected in image file options.

Naming Option

Select format by which the files are named.

External Application Options

The user may wish to execute another windows application as a part of this migration. In order to accomplish this, the user must configure the following:

Application to Launch

Select the windows executable to launch.

Application Arguments

Supply any command line arguments, if any. These are supplied by the executable’ developer.

Launch Timing

The user can choose between the following timing options to launch the executable:

  • Launch application after each Batch is migrated
  • Launch application after all selected Batches are migrated.

Common Tabs

The remainder of the Migration settings are similar in nature to all other PSIcapture Migration Configurations. Ensure you configure your Migration to meet your needs regarding Folder Design, Custom or Single Page File Naming, Pre-Processing options, or Document Filtering options.

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