[Legacy] Box Migration Configuration


  • Version 7.2.x.x of PSIcapture

  • PSIcapture API Key for use with Box
    • API Key: rd2a8pvfhrtqmvh2zdwuwiamf1e8frbl
  • Box Enterprise ID
  • Box User ID

Setting up your Box account

  1. Log into Box using an Administrator account that has access to Box Enterprise Settings.

  2. Once logged in, select Admin Console from the left menu, and then select Enterprise Settings
  3. From the Enterprise Settings screen, select Apps from the top menu 
  4. Scroll down to the Custom Applications section and select the Authorize New App button: 
  5. On the App Authorization dialog, enter the API key found below for the PSIGEN Box Integration and select Next.

    PSIGEN Box Integration API Key: rd2a8pvfhrtqmvh2zdwuwiamf1e8frbl
  6. Click the Authorize button to accept the permissions needed by the PSIGEN Box Integration.
  7. Confirm that the application was added successfully by checking the Custom Applications list.
  8. To connect to Box from PSIcapture, you will need your Box Enterprise ID and the User ID or Login ID of the user to connect through the migration as.
    1. Your Box Enterprise ID can be located under the Account & Billing section
    2. Users can be created and/or viewed under the Users & Groups section

Configuring the Migration in PSIcapture

Once you have set authorize the custom App within your Box account, and have retrieved your Enterprise ID and User ID, you can proceed to PSIcapture to configure the Migration. 

  1. Open PSIcapture and the Capture Profile onto which you wish to add a Box Direct migration
  2. Proceed to the Capture Profile Workflow, and add a Migration step
  3. From the list of available Migrations, locate Box Direct, and select Add
  4. On the Box Direct Migration Configuration, enter your Enterprise ID and your User ID. Select Test Connection and verify that you receive a Connection Succeeded notification. Select OK
  5. Once your connection succeeds, proceed to select the appropriate Document Metadata Template(s), Folder Metadata Template(s), and appropriate Root Folder from the available dropdown selection menus.
  6. As with all PSIcapture migrations, ensure you select the appropriate Image File Options for your Migration needs. 
  7. On the Field Settings tab, you will see a list of available PSIcapture Index Fields, as well as Box Metadata fields. The Box Metadata fields will be highlighted yellow, indicating that the PSIcapture Index Field needs to be mapped to the appropriate Box Metadata Field. For each PSIcapture Index Field, ensure you select the appropriate Box Metadata Field. Do so for both Document Metadata Fields and Folder Metadata Fields (if in use). 
  8. The Document Description area can be used to create a custom value to populate the Document Description field in Box for each document. Select your field values and/or enter constant values as needed to build your appropriate Document Description 

The remainder of the Migration settings are similar in nature to all other PSIcapture Migration Configurations. Ensure you configure your Migration to meet your needs regarding Folder Design, Custom or Single Page File Naming, Pre-Processing options, or Document Filtering options.

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