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Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a host of export options compatible with PSIcapture. This migration can be customized to suit your unique business needs. Below are the steps to install the migration's dependencies (prerequisites) and links to other articles that will help you understand how best to utilize this migration.


Steps to Install Dynamics GP (Prerequisite):

  1. Download Dynamics GP from MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network).

  2. Run setup and Install Dynamics GP.

  3. Follow installation/setup instructions for main Dynamics GP product.

  4. From the same installer, install the Web Services Runtime.

  5. Follow installation/setup instructions for Web Services Runtime.

  6. Use the GP Utilities application (accessible from Start menu) to create a Sample company with sample data for testing.

  7. In order to connect to a company in Dynamics GP using the SDK, you must run the GP Web Services Configuration Wizard (accessible from the Start menu) to install the web services database objects to that company's tables.


  • Ensure that the Microsoft Dynamics GP Service Host service in Services is being run with an Administrator account.



Migration Settings Tab


Dynamics GP Connection Options


Server Address

Enter your Dynamics GP server address here (e.g. http://<machinename>). The Advanced button next to this text field allows the user to enter a specific port for the server.



Enter the complete domain.

NOTE: In some network environment, there may be no Domain needed on login credentials. In some cases, the WSDL service may be unable to resolve a friendly domain name  when authenticating, causing an error. Sending the credentials without the domain name causes AD to be responsible for resolving it, which AD will do by using the default domain.


User Name

Enter the user name for this connection.



Enter the password for the user entered above. Then test the connection to make sure the settings are entered correctly.


Dynamics GP Options


Tenant Name

Enter the desired Tenant Name.


Enter the Company Name.

Transaction Type

Currently the following transaction types are supported. For more information on Header and Line Item Fields, visit our Microsoft Dynamics GP Migration Header/Line Item Fields FAQ.

  • GL Transaction

  • Payables Credit Memo
  • Payables Invoice
  • Purchase Order
  • Receivables Credit Memo
  • Return Material Authorization

Output Options

  • Do not output items marked with Skip flags - This checkbox allows the user to skip items marked with that flag.
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