PSIsafe Synchronizer Administrator Guide: Gorilla Example Setup

The following is an example of configuration options for an ACT! Database Synchronizer Setup:

Database Type: CRM for Financial Advisors
Database Driver Name: Microsoft Jet OLEDB 4.0

Database Connection:

1. Use DSN: No
2. Use OLEDB: Yes

a. OLEDB Connection String:
    Provider=Microsft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;DataSource=”<filename>”; Persist

Data Selection:

1. Use Data Table: No

a. Table Name:

2. Use SQL Statement: Yes

a. SQL Select String: “Select ContactGroup.Name, ContactGroup.ContactGroupID,

ContactGroup.BusinessAddressBundleID, (Phone.[Number],+"-"+
Phone.[Area/CountryCode]) as PhoneNumber, Email.EmailAddress,
Address.Address1, Address.Address2, Address.City, Address.[Zip/PostalCode],
tState.Name From ((((ContactGroup Left Join q_AddressBundle On
ContactGroup.BusinessAddressBundleID = q_AddressBundle.AddressBundleID)
Left Join Phone On q_AddressBundle.PhoneID = Phone.PhoneID) Left Join Email
On q_AddressBundle.EmailID = Email.EmailID) Left Join Address On
q_AddressBundle.AddressID = Address.AddressID) Left Join tState On
Address.tStateID = tState.tStateID”

Primary Key: ContactGroupID
Other Notes: Gorilla is a Microsoft Access based package.

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