PSIsafe User Guide: What's New in the PSIsafe 11.2+ Filer and Batch Capture User Experience


We've received a lot feedback from our customers and partners that our filing experience could be--ahem–better. We spent time talking with a lot of our key stakeholders and believe the Filer and Batch Capture user experience could be streamlined quite a bit. In this article, we'll show you some of the recent changes within PSIsafe's Filer and Batch Capture modules. Our goal was to streamline the user experience; make data entry easier; and just apply some good ole' fashioned common sense.

Intended Audience

  • Customers' end-users using PSIsafe Desktop
  • Partners providing technical support

What's New in PSIsafe Filer

PSIsafe 11.2.1 Filer Details (tab)

Our primary focus with the redesign of the new Filer user interface was to let you get right to work. We've split out the necessary components onto the Details tab, and moved all others to the Options tab. Also notice that we have relocated your Document Segments to the Details tab to prevent you from having to toggle back and forth.


Featured on the Details Tab:

  • Document Queue
  • Repository
  • Cabinet
  • Folder
  • Title
  • Tab
  • Template (Document)
  • Segments
  • Button controls, including:
    • Skip Page
    • Remove Page
    • Preview Page
    • Configure Display
    • File Only
    • File & Route
    • Exit

PSIsafe 11.2.1 Filer Options (tab)

You can still access all of the additional Filer options by simply toggling to the Options tab. These settings are still largely driven by your document template, but may be modified to suit your needs.


Featured on the Options Tab:

  • Document Queue
  • Sensitivity Class
  • Retention Class
  • Manager (and Extension)
  • Primary and Reference Indexes
  • Attachment
  • Keywords
  • Scheduling
  • File All Documents option
  • Delete Files from Drive option
  • Show Restricted Templates option
  • Convert Document to PDF (available for files other than PDF)
  • Button controls, including:
    • Skip Page
    • Remove Page
    • Preview Page
    • Configure Display
    • File Only
    • File & Route
    • Exit

PSIsafe 11.2.1 Filer Context Sensitivity

We've also introduced context sensitivity for the Repository and Cabinet fields when dragging-and-dropping documents onto either the Folder List view or the Document List view. This means these two fields will move to the Options tab when you drag-and-drop a document onto a folder or a tab.


PSIsafe 11.2.1 Batch Capture

To keep things consistent in your user experience, we've also carried across the same theme into Batch Capture.



We understand that with your busy workload, the last thing you need is software slowing you down with unnecessary clicks. We hope that our changes help make your life easier. Do let us know how we can make your life even easier. We love hearing constructive feedback, and will certainly do our level-best to ensure your need is met.



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