PSIsafe Web Administrator Guide: On-Premise: New Installation

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This article includes advanced Administrator areas for On-Premises customers. PSIsafe Cloud customers can contact PSIGEN Support's Cloud IT Admin team for assistance with advanced Administrator areas.


PSIsafe Web is a stand-alone Internet Information Services(IIS) hosted application that allows you to use client features in your web browser, thus you must have access This article is for PSIsafe Web On-Premise installations. This article is meant for a dedicated IT person or technical contact to self-service and deploy PSIsafe Web installation.


PSIsafe Web 11.0 vs. PSIsafe Web Lite 12.2


PSIsafe Web has big changes on the horizon. With these major framework changes incoming, PSIsafe Web has been adapted to work as a Lite version for PSIsafe 12.2+. This means that if you are running the PSIsafe Desktop and Server version 12.2+, you'll need to install both the OpenAPI & 64-bit Server as well as the PSIsafe Lite v. 12.2. If you are using PSIsafe Desktop and Server 11.2 and previous, jump to the section "Packaged Version of PSIsafe Web (Legacy)" below.


Article Information:

This article assumes that PSIsafe Server and PSIsafe Web will be hosted by the same Windows Server 2012 or later environment. If you are planning to host PSIsafe Server and PSIsafe Web on separate Servers please ensure you edit the web.config located in the Web folder. This by default will be installed to the following default location: [C:\Program Files (x86)\CNG\PSIsafe Web\Web\web.config]. By default, it will assume that the PSIsafe Server is installed via IPV4 or localhost. Ensure you edit the highlighted section in web.config should PSIsafe Server and PSIsafe Web be on different Servers. See the code snippet below for the location of IP address change should your PSIsafe Server be on a different server. This article refers to PSIsafe Web Lite version 12.1+.

  • Look for the below code segment. localhost will need to be edited to the static IPV4 Address.
    <!-- The TCP/IP address of the PSIsafe Server -->

    <add key="CNGServerAddress" value="localhost"/>


Web Server Prerequisites:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and later.
  • PSIsafe Server latest General Availability(GA) build.
    • Version 12.1+
  • PSIsafe Management via Client installation.
    • Version 12.1+
  • PSIsafe Open API & 64-bit Server
  • Internet Information Services.
    • Ensure that the following options are enabled to host your own PSIsafe Web instance.
    • mceclip1.png
  • SSL Certificate from qualified domain hosts. (Needed to host on-premise site external from Local Area Network).


Client Stations Prerequisites:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 and later.
  • Client login credentials created in PSIsafe Management.
  • Supported Browsers: Internet Explorer 11 and later, Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.


Manual Installation of the PSIsafe Web Folder:

  1. Create a folder on the root of C:\ called PSIsafeWeb
  2. In Windows Explorer navigate to C:\PSIsafeWeb and paste the download ZIP file containing the PSIsafe Web 12.1 Lite Website Files.
  3. Right-click on the zip file and extract into the C:\PSIsafeWeb folder so its contents now look like this:


  4. Open Internet Information Services (IIS). If you do not have Internet Information Services (IIS) installed please ensure your IT has installed it or Click Here to be forwarded to Microsoft Official Article.
  5. Click on Application Pools, Select Add Application Pool, Name the pool PSIsafe_Web, select OK.

  6. Once Application Pool has created select the application pool, and click on Advanced Settings.
  7. Ensure your Application Pool settings match the following:

    Set Enable 32-Bit Applications to True and set Idle Time-out (minutes) to 120, select OK.

  8. Expand Sites, right-click Default Website and select Add Virtual Directory


  9. Set the Alias to PSIsafeWeb, set your Physical path to C:\PSIsafeWeb (or alternate, if you chose to place the website files in a different location) and select OK.
  10. Right-click on your new PSIsafeWeb folder and select Convert to Application.


  11. Click on Select and select your PSIsafe_Web or the Application Pool name, click OK, click OK again:


  12. Next, we will check permissions.


Permissions for PSIsafe Web

  1. Expand out your PSIsafeWeb site, right-click on the TempDocuments folder and select Edit Permissions:


  2. Under the Security tab select Edit, and In the Permissions screen select Add.
  3. Type in NETWORK SERVICE and click OK:


  4. Give the NETWORK SERVICE Modify and Write permissions, select OK twice:


  5. Select your PSIsafeWeb site and select Browse on the right under Actions:


  6. Confirm your installation and Connect To string.



Packaged Installation of PSIsafe Web (Legacy)


NOTE: This is for version 11.0 and previous, which do not rely on the PSIsafe OpenAPI. Use the method detailed above for PSIsafe installations v. 12.0+.

  1. Download PSIsafe Web version 11+. For compatibility with PSIsafe 12.1+, PSIsafe Web Lite v. 12.0+ must be used. 
    NOTE: Some versions of PSIsafe Web do not have Packaged Installers, and must be installed manually via the method detailed above.
  2. Contact support for your appropriate download.
  3. Create a "PSIsafe Web" folder in C:\ or 
  4. Extract the files from the zipped folder download.
  5. Right-click and Run the installer as Administrator. (i)


  6. Proceed with the installation, only changing the Installation Directory if another is preferred (such as C:\PSIsafe Web, as in the above Manual Instructions).
  7. Once Completed, the IIS Application Pool and Website files will be in the default specified locations. Verify the permissions in the above section before proceeding.




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