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This article is intended for On-Premises installations only. This article is not applicable to PSIsafe Cloud customers.


This article is intended for PSIsafe Administrators.



The PSIsafe Open API & 64-bit server connects the 32-bit server to a 64-bit server that can communicate with PSIsafe's downstream applications, including PSIsafe Mobile, PSIsafe DocuSign, PSIsafe Attendance Tracking System, and more.




Installation Walkthrough

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Step 1: Download Installers

Contact PSIGEN Support for the latest OpenAPI & 64-bit Server Installation Packages.

Step 2: Install 64-bit Server and Connect to 32-bit Server

Unblock Installers & Run as Administrator

Ensure you unblock all installers downloaded via Properties > Unblock. Then, right click and “Run as Administrator” when completing the following installation guide.

Install with Defaults and Copy CNGDBList.XML




  • Complete the installation process with the default options. If you are installing the server on a different drive, note this for your configuration.
  • Once complete, copy the file CNGDBList.XML from the following default PSIsafe 32-bit Server directory (or otherwise): C:\Program Files (x86)\CNG\CNGServer To the PSIsafe 64-bit server default directory (or otherwise): C:\Program Files\Cabinet\Server
    • Default Source: C:\Program Files (x86)\CNG\CNGServer
    • Default Target: C:\Program Files\Cabinet\Server
  • Then, restart the 64-bit server service “Cabinet Server” via Services.msc.

Step 3: Make Firewall Port Exceptions (if applicable)

PSIsafe uses the following ports:
(Add Inbound & Outbound rules)

TCP/IP: 8993-8994 (Service Ports)
11000 (.NET Remoting)
1433 (SQL Service)
UDP: 1434 (SQL Browser Service)


Step 4: Install PSIsafe OpenAPI

Before you begin: Please ensure you have installed IIS.

Complete the Installation Process with the Default Options




Note: The external permissions for the OpenAPI to interact with your application of choice may need to be configured in order to allow communication between the API and the PSIsafe Server. Because the PSIsafe Server uses a 32-bit architecture, we previously installed the 64-bit server to run side-by side with the 32-bit version and relay commands to 64-bit applications.

PSIsafe Open API is a REST compliant web service. It is a required install if you are using PSIsafe Mobile, DocuSign, PSIsafe Attendance Tracking System, or any Custom Integration unique to your company’s business needs.


Optional Configuration When Installing PSIsafe 64-bit Server & OpenAPI on Separate Servers

Modify Connection for External



  • Note: Modify this file only if the PSIGEN OpenAPI is on a different server than PSIsafe Server 64-bit
  • File to be edited: SystemServiceModelClient.config
  • File Location: C:\Program Files\Cabinet\OpenApi\cabinet\config
  • Change: “localhost” to match the address or hostname of the Cabinet Server (64 Bit)

Step 5: Verify Your Connection

A) Part One - Verify OpenAPI Resolves

site1.png   browse.png   openapi_12.1.png

Open the Website in IIS or browse to the following address:


This verifies that you can successfully connect to the OpenAPI at [localhost].


B) Part Two - Verify OpenAPI Resolves




Next, enter the PSIsafe OpenAPI URL listed below in your web browse to test connectivity to the CNGDBList.XML file previously copied. This will return all the databases that are connected to the web service.

On Premise Installs Without Customer Code:
http:// [BaseURL]/cabinet/api/database?customercode=default
(e.g., http://localhost/cabinet/api/database?customercode=default)

For Cloud Customers, with Customer Code:
Where, “testing” is a sample customer code.



 Troubleshooting FAQ

Q: I am receiving an error message stating that the web page could not load a Newtonsoft.dll?
A: To fix this problem navigate to C:\Program Files\Cabinet\WebApi\cabinet\bin make sure the files named Newtonsoft.Json.dll and Newtonsoft.Json.xml in the directory. If it is not then navigate to C:\Program Files\Cabinet\Server and copy the files Newtonsoft.Json.dll and Newtonsoft.Json.xml to C:\Program Files\Cabinet\WebApi\cabinet\bin. Restart the Cabinet.Server service and refresh the website in IIS. This will resolve the error.


Q: No databases are returned when I enter the Get Databases call (Step 3 above)?
A: This is more than likely due to the CNGDBLIST.XML not being copied From: C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\CNG\CNGServer To: C:\ProgramFiles\Cabinet\Server
Please ensure that the database has been properly installed, registered and configured before copying.


Q: I am receiving an error message about End Point address not matching or No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it?
A: To resolve this error, the Open API config file “SystemServiceModelClient.config” located in .\Cabinet\Config\ directory and the PSIsafe server config file “SystemServiceModelServices.config” located in C:\Program Files\Cabinet\Server\Config\ directory must have the EndPoint Address match.
PSIsafe OpenAPI Configuration for File: SystemServiceModelClient.config


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