PSIsafe Desktop Troubleshooting: Error "Invalid bits/pixel" when attempting to "Make Annotations Permanent" within the Imageman Module


PSIsafe encounters an error when attempting to use the function "Make Annotations Perfect" within the Annotations > Make Annotations Permanent > [Either Option] as seen in the screenshots below:




Error Message displayed: "Invalid bits/pixel"





The image the user is attempting to file content that has an invalid Color Representation. The file must be re-saved with valid Color Representation properties. 

Color Representation must be calibrated by the program creating the TIF image. In some cases, the program does not calibrate the Color Representation property. In this case, PSIsafe cannot properly determine the bits depth per pixel as determined by a Color Representation Profile. In most cases, the Color Representation will be blank, unless the Color Representation is Uncalibrated, as seen in the screenshot below:




Re-save the file, either through the initial program creating it or through the PSIsafe Black Ice Printer driver, which allows users to customize color and bit depth in the Printer Properties, as seen in the screenshot below:



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