PSIsafe User Guide: Marking, Merging, Moving, and Copying Folders

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In the course of managing content within PSIsafe, it may become necessary to merge two or more folders that should contain all folder content in a singular folder. The following is a walkthrough of how to merge content between multiple folders in your cabinet. Additionally, it may become necessary to entirely move a folder from one cabinet to another. The second section of this article covers this process.


PSIsafe – Folder Merge

Folder merge allows items in multiple folders to be merged into a single Primary folder. Once items are placed in the Primary folder the empty folder(s) will automatically be deleted.

1. Highlight folders you wish to merge, then right click on the folders and select Merge.



2. Select the Folder that items will be merged into and click Primary Folder.
3. Select Merge at the bottom of the screen"


4. When the merge is complete the Folder Merge as shown below will indicate the merge has been completed.
5. Merge is then grayed out and the folders have become one, as seen in the screenshot below:




Copy/Move Folder via Mark


NOTE: Move and Copy functions are interchangeable in the below walkthrough. Move is used for the below examples.

NOTE: In prior versions of PSIsafe (10.4-), a user was required to have Cabinet Move and Delete rights to move a folder out of a cabinet. They also required Create rights at the destination cabinet. This is now changed to provide greater flexibility and improved protection against mistakenly deleting a folder because the user does not need to have delete rights. Users now require Move and View Rights to move or copy a folder out of a cabinet. Users still need to have Create rights on the destination cabinet. When a folder is moved, a copy is placed temporally in the Recycle Bin until the move is successfully completed. Once completed, the folder is permanently removed from the Recycle Bin.


1. To begin, select the folder within the Cabinets (Browser) section of PSIsafe, right-click, and select Mark. Alternatively, a user can select the folder with a left-click, then select Tools > Mark. 


2. Select the Move dropdown menu, then select the cabinet to which you wish to move the folder.


3. When the process is complete, "Move Complete" will display in the "Status" column:



If the cabinet does not appear in the dropdown list, verify cabinet compatibility via one of the two checks below:


NOTE: Cabinet Tabs and Indexes must match between the cabinets that folders are moved to and from. To ensure cabinet compatibility, perform one of the two following steps.


NOTE: The same requirements above apply to the "Copy" function.


Confirm Cabinet Compatibility via Advanced Cabinets


1. Login to PSIsafe Management either as the Administrator or a user with appropriate Management permissions. Note that users must be cabinet owners to perform advanced cabinet functions in some cases.

2. Select Cabinets > Advanced > Indexes and Tabs (default first selection):


3. Set the "Source" cabinet as the cabinet you are copying from.

4. Set the "Destination" cabinet as the cabinet you are moving to.

5. Make sure "Add Tabs?" is selected.

6. Select "Apply". 

7. The two cabinets are now compatible.


Confirm Cabinet Compatibility via Cabinet Copy


If the cabinet you wish to move a folder to is a new cabinet, you can simply use the Cabinets > Copy function to duplicate the structure of the cabinet you are moving from


1. Login as the PSIsafe Administrator or a user with appropriate access rights to Cabinet > Copy.

2. Open File Structure > Copy.

3. Ensure at least the following "Structure" is copied at a minimum. Folders and Documents will copy the corresponding content within the cabinet as well:



4. Select Copy and the two cabinets will now be compatible, allowing for Mark > Copy and Mark > Move between the two cabinets.


NOTE: Folder view is retained after a folder is moved. Prior versions reset the view and displayed all folders starting at the top of the list.



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