PSIsafe Management Administrator Guide: Templates: Word Merge DOCX Forms

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Word Merge DOCX Forms Functionality requires creation of a Word Merge DOCX Form with Microsoft Word 2013 and later.


This article is intended for PSIsafe Administrators.





This guide walks a PSIsafe Administrator through the process of setting up a Word Merge DOCX Form with links to PSIsafe Folder indexes, so that when creating a new document with this template, the Word Merge DOCX Form will have a variety of fields pre-filled to ease the import process. In order to use this feature, Word Merge DOCX Forms must be pre-configured to have fillable fields, which are then linked to PSIsafe Folder Indexes. In this article, we will describe how to create a fillable Word Merge DOCX Form, where in the template creation process it is added, and how to link your PSIsafe Folder indexes to the field to automatically populate the index data.


PDF Form Creation and Setup

In order to create and edit forms, the PSIsafe Administrator must have the appropriate form-editing software. In the case of Word Merge DOCX Forms, we only recommend Microsoft Word. For the rest of this article, PSIsafe Administrator will be guided through using Microsoft Word.


Purchase Microsoft Word from Microsoft's Store


Creating a Word Merge DOCX Form in Microsoft Word


In order to begin, open your form file in Microsoft Word. You can create one from scratch, or simply convert an existing filetype to the Microsoft Word's DOCX format.


Steps to Create a Word Merge DOCX Form (Simplified):


When your form is open in Microsoft Word you should see a screen similar to this:




As your Form will likely have underlined sections or boxes which would normally indicate information to be filled out by hand, we will instead set up those areas of the form to be Word Merge Fields. To add a Word Merge Field, select the Insert tab, then Text > Quick Parts > Field...




Once selected, the Field dialog window will appear:




The process for determining which Word Merge Field is connected to its corresponding Folder Index is relatively straightforward. During the Cabinet creation process, Index Fields are assigned an "Order Number", which is displayed on Step 2 of the Cabinet Creation screen. This screen can also be accessed by selecting the Cabinet in question, selecting "Edit" and proceeding to Step 2.

Below is a screenshot of a cabinet with multiple configured index fields. To link a Folder Index Field to a Word Merge Field, we simply need to use the corresponding number of the index field with an "F" in front of it. In the above screenshot, you can see the field name is set to "F1". This means that PSIsafe will pull the index data from Folder Index 1, which, as we see on the screenshot below, correlates to the "Name (L, F)" index field. To ease the linking process for the PSIsafe Administrator, take a screenshot similar to the one below, or record the Index Name and corresponding "Order" number to another document for reference.




Repeat this process until all your Word Merge Fields are configured and appear similar to the screenshot below:




Associating your Word Merge DOCX Form with your PSIsafe Management Template


Next, we will edit our PSIsafe Template and associate the Word Merge Document we just created during "Step 2 Managers/Extensions". 




After selecting the Word Merge Manager, and associating the DOCX Extension via "Add", associate your newly-created Word Merge DOCX form via the "Pick" button, which brings up a Windows Explorer dialog to browse to the form file in question.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to select the "Word Merge" Manager, which is set as an Electronic Form to pull Folder Index Data accordingly. Using the "Word" Manager will not work in this case, as PSIsafe will not know to pull corresponding Index data as needed.

Once complete, the "File Exists?" column should switch to "Yes". Assuming the rest of the template information is complete, you can complete the process by hitting the "Finish" button.


Click "Finish" on the Template Creation process to complete the overall Folder Index Linking process for Word Merge DOCX Forms. When selecting "New" and the newly-created template, a PSIsafe User will now see Folder Index Data automatically populated into the Word Merge fields of the Word Merge DOCX Form.



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