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The following are frequently asked questions regarding the PSIsafe PDF Forms Monitor. Please submit any additional questions via the comments section below, and our staff will add them to this page as necessary.


Q: Do I need to have PDF Forms pre-configured before using the PSIsafe PDF Forms Monitor?

A: Yes, not only do your PDF Forms need to be pre-configured with properly fillable form fields, but they must also be already associated with a corresponding PSIsafe Management Template that is setup as an Electronic Form (PDF Form default manager). Additionally, the index fields of the PDF form must already be linked with Folder Indexes. For more information, see:

PSIsafe Administrator Guide: Templates: PDF Forms


Q: Do I need to create a SQL Database to associate the PDF Form Monitor to?

A: Yes, this SQL Database must be pre-configured with the corresponding table and index types set. For more information, see the sections "Database Preparation" and "Step 2: Setup Table Migration" of:

PSIsafe Administrator Guide: PDF Forms Monitor


Q: After entering the credentials for my PDF Forms Monitor User and attempting to login, the program hangs.

A:  Change the connection type from TCP to HTTP.

  1. On the login screen, select the gear in the bottom-right, then select "Connection Configuration".

  2. Ensure the Connection Type corresponds to your installation type (Cloud or On-Premise).
  3. Check the Server IP Address.
  4. Check your Customer Code.
  5. Click "Show Advanced Settings" checkbox and select "OK" on the warning message.
  6. Change the "Remoting Port" to 8993.
  7. Change the "Protocol" from TCP to HTTP.


  8. Click Save. PDF Forms Monitor should now appear after entering the password. If you still have trouble connecting to your database after these changes, Contact PSIGEN Support for further assistance.


Q:  Where is the log file for the PDF Forms Monitor service?

A:  C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roaming\CABINET\FormsMonitor\Logs\<year>\<month>\<day>.


For more information on Advanced Logging and Debugging, see:

PSIsafe Administrator Guide: PDF Forms Monitor: Debugging and Advanced Logging



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