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In PSIsafe, we have changed the way documents are retrieved and listed inside folders. This will help increase performance and fix issues found previously. Explore the article below to understand each area of PSIsafe affected by these changes.


Changes to Configuration:

  • The number of documents shown per page is a per-user setting. It is set in the client under Options > Client > Documents-Display, as seen in the screenshot below:


  • "Show documents in pages" controls if paging is enabled at all (defaults to on).

    • Turning this “off” sets record control to 9999, so over 10k documents in list will display pagination again. In most cases, an active folder will not have over 10k documents within it, but in this rare case, these settings may activate automatically.

  • "Documents per page" controls how many parent documents are shown per page. See below for more detail. (defaults to 50). A Parent and Child (aka Attachments) document are shown in a document list below:


NOTE: Changing to this setting only take effect on newly opened cabinets. Any currently open cabinets should be closed and re-opened to take effect.
NOTE: Child documents may be referenced as "Attachments" throughout the product.


Document List Example:

  • When opening a cabinet and folder, the list of documents is shown as usual. Below is a screenshot of a non-paginated Document List:


  • Documents will be in pages if the number returned exceeds the current "Documents Per Page" setting. In the screenshot below, the document count has exceeded the set count from the settings covered above, and the pagination toolbar appears in the upper right (highlighted):


  • A "page" by default is defined as a list of parent documents, and all their attachments nested underneath.

  • If the number of documents to be displayed is less than the page size, no additional controls will be shown.

  • If the number of documents exceeds the page size, paging controls will be shown at the top right of the document list.

  • Paging controls contain the following:

    • The current page the user is viewing

    • The total number of pages

    • The total number of parent documents shown on the current screen (shown as X documents)

    • The total number of non-parent documents shown on the current screen, if there are any. (shown as X attachments)

    • An arrow pointing left with a bar for "Go to Page 1"

    • An arrow pointing left for "Go to previous page"

    • An arrow pointing right for "Go to next page"

    • An arrow pointing right with a bar for "Go to last page"

Quick Search:

  • The quick search is available above the document list and allows the user to type a title to search for. In the screenshot below, the search section is highlighted:


  • Only items available to the current tab will be shown.

  • When searching, ALL items will be shown inline, regardless of parent/child relationships.

  • A page here will simply be a list of <PageSize> items with no nesting.

  • The top information bar showing the current folder name will change to indicate filtering is occurring. "Filtered by "Title contains:<searchterm>"

  • The search can be cleared via the X next to the search field.

  • Changing tabs will also clear the search.

Document Query Searches

  • The ellipses (…) button next to the search field opens the Document Query Window which allows users to perform a Basic, Advanced, or Saved search of the document list as needed:


  • Any query will display results for all parent/children

  • Any query can be cancelled via the X next to the search field, or switching tabs:


Document Query - Basic


  • Allows for Begins/Contains title searching of the currently open document window.

  • When "Run Query" is clicked, the current tab will be filtered with the results.

  • Only the current tab is searched.

Document Query - Advanced


  • Allows the user to build a query based on a set of parameters.

  • Once "run query" is clicked, the current tab is switched to ALL as results can be from any location.

  • Queries can be saved for later, and used in the "Saved Queries" tab below.

Document Query - Saved Queries


  • Allows the user to run saved queries from advanced. New queries can be saved in the Advanced tab and be used here.

  • Tab will also be switched to ALL when performing the search.

  • Public Queries will be saved across all users.


Important Note: This same control is used in many places and should behave similarly, if not identical in those areas. Clicking on the "Ellipses" (...) in multiple product areas should produce the same window. For example, the "Open in Parent Folder" button of Workflow, or "Open In Folder" button of checkout:



Folder Pagination


The scheme for folder pagination is rather simple. If the current folder count in the cabinet exceeds 100, the Pagination Controls appear at the bottom of the folder list:




This setting is automatic, and no user configuration changes are necessary. The arrow keys jump between First, previous, next, and last of either Folder Sets or Current set. Current set applies when a search filter is applied to the list.


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