Unable to log into help.psigen.com Support Portal using Chrome: How to Enable third-party Cookies in Chrome


When logging into ZenDesk via Chrome browser, some users have reported getting
"Forbidden Invalid Authenticity" errors:



Switching to a different browser is one way around this, but the issue usually comes down to cookies, and cache.




The fixes for this are quite simple - we need to enable third-party cookies through the Settings.

Start by navigating to the three dots at the top-right of the browser and going to the Settings menu:




You will be presented with a menu. Scroll down to the Privacy and security portion and select the "Cookies and other site data" tab:


Here we can see whether third-party cookies are allowed and change that setting:


Chances are, we don't want to allow all cookies for just any site, so keep scrolling and you will find a menu where you can specify which sites will be allowed through:


Our recommendation would be to add zendesk.com and psigen.zendesk.com to the list of sites that can use cookies and be sure to check the box to include third-party cookies:


Should be good to test from there.

If you still have the error, go back to the Privacy and security portion of the settings menu and opt to Clear your browsing data (all of it, or some of it depending on your needs):


Then, close the browser, reopen, and test again and you should be clear to access and log into ZenDesk as expected.


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