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The PSIcapture Automation Monitor utility can be run as a standalone pop-out window within PSIcapture from the utility menu. This interface is designed to be a central reference point for the current status of machines set to process Auto Import Queues, as well as Workflow Auto Processing duties. Explore the article below to learn more about this utility, or jump to the main automation article here:


PSIcapture Administrator Guide: Configuration: Automation


Automation Monitor



This list of Automated Workers shows the Location (computer name) and Status of each PC that has enabled the Auto Import service. This tool can also be run in a separate window via Utilities > Automation Monitor as seen in the screenshot below:




NOTE: Error messages can be found by clicking on the Details button on the bottom right of the screen. 

Use the Restart Automation button to clear automation's current, internal lists of active and suspended queued directories, and to restart the process that detects queued directories in all monitored locations.

NOTE: the Restart button is only active on the Capture Server. 


Automated Import Tab



Monitored Locations shows the locations of the monitored folders configured during Auto Import setup in Capture Profile configuration.

Queued File Sets shows the number of file sets which are queued up awaiting processing. These are managed by the Capture Server which passes these file sets to available PCs.

in-Process File Sets shows the number of file sets currently being processed.

Suspended File Sets shows the number of file sets that are suspended due to manual processing steps.


Workflow Auto Processing Tab

On this tab is a list of batches that have been bypassed due to processing errors or workflow step. The user has the options to:

  • Refresh List - Refreshes the list of current batches which may be ignored due to processing errors or specific settings in your Workflow Auto Processing configuration.
  • Remove Selected Batches - Removes the selected batches from the error list and attempts to re-process them. This setting is typically used after making adjustments to the Capture Profile configuration and using the "Update Batches" function, or after manually processing the batch(es).



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