PSIcapture Mailroom: IIS Port Binding Modifications

Changing the IIS Port Binding of Mailroom

Product Version: Kofax PSIcapture Mailroom 3.3+
Intended Audience: System Administrator



This article will help you with specifying a new Port Binding in IIS for your Kofax PSIcapture Mailroom deployment. Mailroom creates a new site in IIS on port 80 by default. A user may wish to change the port binding from 80 to another port. The instructions below will guide you through changing this port binding.


Editing your Port Binding

  • From your Start Menu, launch Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Expand Sites on the left menu
  • Locate your Mailroom Site (named PSIcapture Mailroom by default)
  • Right click on PSIcapture Mailroom site and click “Edit Bindings”.


  • Edit default port binding of “80” to your desired port



Editing the Web Configuration file

  • While still in IIS, right-click on your site again
  • Select “Explore” from the menu.


  • From the Windows Explorer window that opens, locate the file “Web.config”.
  • Create a backup of “Web.config” prior to editing the file
  • Select “Open with” and choose a text editor (such as Notepad) to edit the file with:


  • Within the Web.config file, search for and locate “<services>” section
  • For the value named “endpoint address”, update the existing address to include the same port you specified in the IIS port bindings.
  • Save Web.config file.

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