PSIcapture Mailroom: File Server Path Modifications


Manually Changing Your File Server Path for PSIcapture Mailroom


Product Versions: Kofax PSIcapture Mailroom 3.3+

Intended Audience: System and/or Database Administrator




This article will help you with specifying a new location for your Mailroom deployment’s Queue folders. A user may wish to specify a different volume for the storage of Mailroom’s working directory containing the Complete, Incoming, Invalid, and Queue folders containing all the documents for your Mailroom deployment. The instructions below will guide you through manually changing this File Server Path.

Important Note: The File Server Path must be located a) on the Kofax PSIcapture Mailroom File Server, and b) in a directory homed within a physical or logical drive letter mapping on this same server as the File service. UNC file path support is solely to allow load balanced Web/API servers to utilize a common File Server Path for document processing. The File Server Path is not intended to be used to host working directories on systems foreign to the File Server service.




Stop Mailroom Services

  • From Start Menu, launch Services.msc
  • Locate Mailroom Services
  • Select STOP to stop the Mailroom Services



Manually Edit Deployments.xml

  • In Windows Explorer, browse to
    • C:\ProgramData\PSIGEN\Fusion
  • Create a backup copy of Deployments.xml prior to editing
  • Open Deployments.xml for editing
    • May require the use of a 3rd party application such as Notepad++ to edit the XML
  • Locate the entry for “FileServerPath=”<your current path>
  • Edit <your current path> and replace with your new path
  • Save Deployments.xml
  • In Windows Explorer, manually copy the contents of the old File Server Path to the new File Server Path



Manually Update Your Database

  • Please consult your Database Administrator prior to making any edits below on a production database
  • From your Start Menu, launch Microsft SQL Server Management Studio
    • Can be downloaded from Microsoft if not currently installed
  • Expand your Mailroom database
    • Database name was chosen upon initial deployment
    • Check connection string in Deployment Manager for the database name
  • Expand folder named Tables
  • Locate table named dbo.Organizations
  • Right-click table and select “Edit Top 200 Rows”
  • Locate the column named “DataPath”
  • Edit the path currently entered with the new path created in previous section
  • Save changes to SQL table



Start Mailroom Services

  • From the Start Menu, launch Services.msc
  • Locate Mailroom Services
  • Select Start to start the Mailroom Services


You have now manually changed the File Server Path of your Mailroom deployment. Please log in and verify that all documents and queues are present and intact.


Additional Notes


If migrating documents from PSIcapture to Mailroom without using the Direct migration, you will need to verify the target destination in your Migration Settings has been updated to reflect the new path of the Incoming queues.


Your new path should be reflected within Mailroom Administration under Storage Path.




Your new path should also be reflected within Deployment Manager. Note that when viewing Deployment Manager, the new File Server Path will be reflected, but will display an alert stating that it is outside the Deployment Path. This is to be expected and does not impact functionality.




The directory located at c:\ProgramData\PSIGEN\Fusion is still in use after changing the File Server Path. This directory contains setup files, log files, and Deployment configuration files and should be left in place.




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