PSIcapture Administrator Guide: Connecting PSIcapture to Xero (Text Only)

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This article includes advanced Administrator areas for PSIcapture as well as Xero's Web Portal.


This article is meant for PSIcapture Administrators.




The following guide covers the most basic steps in connecting a Xero Application, created in the Xero Web Portal, to PSIcapture's Connections tab within the Configuration Root menu. First, the application must be created and the corresponding connection info recorded. Next, a custom form within the Xero Web Portal must be created to suit the migration and the needs of the business. Finally, the information can be input into PSIcapture's Connections tab.


Xero Account Setup


If you do not already have a Xero account, you may sign up for a demo account:

Then enable the Xero Demo company for your demo account:


Create an Application in Xero to Identify PSIcapture


Note: In order for PSIcapture to connect to your account, you must configure it in Xero and obtain a Client ID. The following is a breakdown of the process.

  1. Navigate in your web browser to
  2. Press the “New app” button in the top-right corner of the screen to display the “Add a new app” pop-up screen:
  3. Supply a Name for the application, such as “PSIcapture”.
  4. Select "Mobile or desktop app" as the Integration type.
  5. Enter your company’s full web address for the “Company or application URL”.
  6. Set the “Redirect URL” to http://localhost:8888/callback. PSIcapture will use this location and port to receive the callback information returned through the Xero SDK.
    Note: There is no need for IIS to be installed locally, and the use of HTTP is acceptable. This is just a mechanism for the local API DLLs to transfer data -received securely from  The API is really geared for web applications, and this localhost connection is the way the local API talks to a Windows application or service.
  7. After confirming that you have read through Xero’s terms and conditions, press the “Create app” button. You will be redirected to the App Details screen.
  8. Using the navigation pane on the left, switch to the Configuration screen.  Copy the Client ID to your clipboard.  You will need this later when setting up connection in PSIcapture.


Next Step: PSIcapture Administrator Guide: Configuration: Connections Tab


From here, you can utilize all the functionality of the Xero portal to create custom forms to which PSIcapture can import and match corresponding metadata. For more information on configuring custom form fields, see:


Once this form is created, it can be linked to the PSIcapture Migration Workflow step for a Xero Migration. For more information, see:


PSIcapture Administrator Guide: Xero Migration Configuration



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