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PSIsafe Books is a downstream application of PSIsafe, and a companion product to Intuit Quickbooks. For a general overview of the product, see:

PSIsafe Books: General Overview

For more information on connecting an existing installation of PSIsafe Books to Intuit Quickbooks, see:

Connecting PSIsafe Books to Intuit QuickBooks®


Getting Started

This Installation Guide is designed to walk you through the process of installing and configuring PSIsafe Books (Books) with the PSIsafe 11.2 configurations. For additional information on features not covered in this guide please refer to the PSIGEN wiki at PSIGEN offers detailed hands on training with the PSIsafe software as well.

This guide covers basic installation and configuration instructions for this product. This guide assumes you have basic knowledge of PSIGEN PSIsafe.

How PSIsafe, Books, and QuickBooks Work Together

Books serves as a connection between QuickBooks and PSIsafe. Documents such as invoices are scanned into Books. The user keys data from the invoice into Books using the convenient side panel. When the Add function is executed, the data will be entered in the appropriate area in QuickBooks and the document will be filed into PSIsafe. With one step, the data is entered and the document is saved.


  • PSIsafe 32-bit Server 11.x
  • PSIsafe 32-bit Client 11.x
  • Intuit QuickBooks®
  • PSIsafe Books License (requested via support)

Important References

Prerequisite Installations and Configurations

  • PSIsafe Installation: Windows settings, supporting Microsoft applications, and the PSIsafe 32-bit client and management applications must be installed before proceeding with the Books installation section.
  • PSIsafe Configuration: Prior to Books installation, this document assumes that the users, repository, cabinet, and workflow definitions have been configured.
    • Two (2) cabinets need to be setup in your PSIsafe instance:
      • One (1) cabinet for customers, and
      • One (1) cabinet for vendors.
      • Tip: There are default cabinets built into the PSIsafe setup called "QB Customers" and "QB Vendors". You may use these to speed up the process and avoid common configuration issues. DO NOT alter the structure of these cabinets, as these cabinets are specifically designed to work with Books. Altering this structure will likely result in errors during use.
  • Intuit QuickBooks®: Prior to Books operation, this document assumes that the customer has a recent fully-configured version of QuickBooks.
    • A currently supported version of Intuit QuickBooks®: If the version of your software is not actively supported, PSIGEN will ask you to upgrade your QuickBooks software.
    • Proper Security Settings: At a minimum, the security in QuickBooks needs to be set so the user logging into QuickBooks has access to A/R and A/P. No access to payroll or employees is needed.

Environmental Information

Listed below is the environmental information used to create and test this installation.

Base Software Elements in Test Environment

Environment Software Element Name Version Type and Other Notes
Local Windows 10 x64 Professional   Operating System
Local MS SQL 2016 Express Database
Local PSIsafe Client and Management 32-bit Installation

Intuit QuickBooks® Enterprise

19 No Advanced Inventory


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