PSIsafe Print-to-Safe Troubleshooting: Issue 04.03: Unable to print to Safe from certain websites such as Gmail or that require a login


Cannot print to SAFE from certain Websites. Example: GMail, Sites that require login. No error message pops up and no filer pops up. Happens on SAFE Printer (Using Black Ice Drivers).


  1. Start > Control Panel > Printers.
  2. Select ”CNG-SAFE” printer.
  3. Right Click Properties.
  4. Select General tab.
  5. Click on Printing preferences.
  6. Select “Filename Generation” tab.
  7. Set Filename generation method = “Exact filename”.
  8. Set Enter the filename = “Data.tif”.
  9. Set Keep existing files = True (Optional).
  10. Click Apply and OK.
  11. Might require you to restart the web browser. If you still have the same problem, follow the steps below…
  12. StartControl PanelPrinters.
  13. Select ”CNG-SAFE” printer.
  14. Right Click Properties.
  15. Select Advanced tab.
  16. Click on Printing defaults.
  17. Select “Filename Generation” tab.
  18. Set Filename generation method = “Exact filename”.
  19. Set Enter the filename = “Data.tif”.
  20. Set Keep existing files = True (Optional).
  21. Click Apply and OK.
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