Product Support Commitment


Thank you for using PSIGEN Software Inc.’s (“PSIGEN”) software products! PSIGEN is here to assist you in realizing the full potential of our powerful solutions.

This Product Support Commitment (“Product Support Commitment”) describes the policies and procedures under which PSIGEN provides technical support (“Support”) and maintenance services (“Maintenance”) for Supported Products to its distributors, resellers and customers.

Support is provided pursuant to the Supported Product’s End User License Agreement (“EULA”) and Cloud Services Agreement (“CSA”) (if applicable), this Product Support Commitment and any applicable distributor or reseller agreement.



  • “Supported Product” means any PSIGEN software product that is currently supported by PSIGEN pursuant to the Product Lifecycle Policy.
  • Support Request” means a request for assistance from a distributor, reseller or customer to PSIGEN with respect to a Supported Product.
  • Updates” mean new versions of the Supported Products (including version patches) released by PSIGEN to the public that are solely for the purpose of correcting errors and fixing software bugs.


Support & Maintenance Services

  • Knowledge Base – PSIGEN will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide distributors, resellers and customers with 24/7 access to PSIGEN’s regularly updated knowledge base which includes documentation for Supported Products, validated solutions, FAQs, tips, techniques and other information related to the Supported Products.
  • Technical Support – If a distributor, reseller or customer is unable to resolve an issue using the resources available in the knowledge base, PSIGEN will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide Support.



Functionality Loss

Users Affected

Initial Response Time




Many or all

2 Business Hours




Few or N/A

3 Business Hours


Production, Non-Production

Minor, how-to, or usage questions


4 Business Hours

      • PSIGEN will use commercially reasonable efforts to acknowledge receipt of a Support Request and begin diagnosis within the “Initial Response Time” described above.
  • Escalation
    • A PSIGEN support engineer will work to resolve the Support Request, and from time to time may escalate the Support Request to involve additional support resources or PSIGEN’s engineering team.
    • If a distributor, reseller or customer believes the priority of their Support Request should be increased or if the response time is deemed inadequate, they may request an escalation at any time.
  •  Resolution
    • A resolution may consist of an acceptable workaround, update to the Supported Product or other solution.
    • PSIGEN does not guarantee that any Support Request will result in a resolution.
  • Support – For more information on what’s included and not included in Support see What's Included: Support and Professional Services.
  • Updates – PSIGEN will make Updates to the Supported Products available to distributors, resellers and customers via electronic downloads when such Updates are publicly released. 

PSIGEN reserves the rights to (1) accept, modify, reject or de-prioritize (in its sole discretion) any Support Request (or part(s) thereof) that would result in PSIGEN performing services (a) during hours other than the Support Hours detailed above or (b) that PSIGEN does not consider to be Support or Maintenance (in its sole discretion) (collectively “Special Services”) and (2) charge additional fees or require additional terms for the performance of any such Special Services.

Support Requests

  • Distributor/Reseller First Level Support

    • Each PSIGEN distributor and reseller is responsible for providing Support to each of its customers that have purchased a PSIGEN software product.
    • Customers who purchased a Supported Product or related support contract from a PSIGEN distributor or reseller are required to submit any Support Requests to their distributor or reseller.
    • The distributor or reseller will work to resolve the Support Request and may consult with PSIGEN if necessary.

Customer Responsibilities

Distributors, resellers and customers, must ensure that: (1) all users are adequately trained to use the Supported Product; (2) it/its personnel only submit a Support Request after attempting in good faith to resolve the issue using the Knowledge Base; and (3) the person submitting the Support Request is adequately trained to use the Supported Product and has full access and permissions required to troubleshoot the issue triggering the Support Request.  If a distributor, reseller or customer fails to comply with the aforementioned requirements, PSIGEN may, in its sole discretion, reject or de-prioritize a Support Request.

Support & Maintenance Exclusions

PSIGEN is not obligated to provide Support or Maintenance for: (1) any software, application or other technology which is not a Supported Product; (2) any Supported Product which is not covered by an active term license or support contract; (3) any modifications made to a Supported Product by a customer or third party (including PSIGEN) including custom development and custom code; (4) any Supported Product which has not been installed, operated or maintained in accordance with its documentation; (5) software, applications, or other technology developed by the customer or any third parties; (6) use, interconnection or integration of any Supported Product with an operating system or any software, application or other technology not expressly specified as compatible by PSIGEN; (7) any work related to providing consultation about or ensuring compatibility of any Supported Product with application servers, platforms, network configurations, customizations, web browsers or databases other than those with which the Supported Product is specified as compatible by PSIGEN, or versions of any of the foregoing;  (8) use of any Supported Product in a manner, or for any purpose, for which it was not designed (including in breach of the Supported Product’s applicable EULA and/or CSA); (9) onsite Support or Maintenance (PSIGEN only provides Support and Maintenance remotely); (10) systems engineering services or programming and operations procedures of any sort; (11) problems that cannot be reproduced by PSIGEN based on information provided by distributor, reseller or customer or cannot be remedied due to the operational characteristics of the computer equipment on which the Supported Product is used; (12) database performance tuning; (13) customer-specific applicable usage assistance; or (14) hardware maintenance.

Custom Development & Support of Custom Code

Supported Products support extensibility in the form of scripting and application programming interfaces (APIs). If customer or third party (including PSIGEN) extends a Supported Product in any way, PSIGEN is under no obligation to support such extensions. However, PSIGEN may elect to support such extensions subject to additional terms and fees.

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