PSIcapture Walkthrough: Smart Zone Configuration

Smart Zone Configuration Walkthrough     


How to implement Smart Zone configuration into your existing or new Document Type.

Outline Steps:

  1. Open your Document Type and go to step 6 of 10 within Document Type Configuration. Go to Define Zones. (Diagram 1)
  2. Select the Load Template option and Select the Zone Tab. (Diagram2)
  3. Select the Smart Zone Button and draw a zone over the item you would like to extract data around. For our Instance we will be using “Number:”. (Diagram 3)
  4. Create a Regular Expression to match the information contained within the Smart Zone. For our example we will use the following Regular Expression for “Number:” 
    1. Regular Expression: (?i)number\s*.
    2. Once this is complete Click the Locate button. A Message should pop up defining position of Smart Zone Anchor. (Diagram 4)
  5. Then click the “Add” button located to the lower right. It will automatically create a Child Zone with the following criteria: Anchor Attach Point(Right), Child Attach Point(Left), Width(300p average zone width), Height(50p good setting for average character height), Offset X and Y(0). (Diagram 5)
  6. Notice in Diagram 6 if you change the Anchor Points to reverse how it changes the position of the Child Zone. ( Diagram 6 )
  7. Name the Smart Zone and Click on the Save icon. (Diagram 7)
  8. Select the Smart Zone under OCR Zone ( Diagram 8 ) 
  9. You have successfully created a Smart Zone.


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