PSIsafe User Guide: Transitioning from PSIsafe 11 to PSIsafe 12

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PSIsafe 12 offers a host of new features aimed at expanding the core functionality and overall usability of the Windows Desktop Application (Thick Client), while setting the framework in place for a whole new generation of Browser-Based (Thin Client) PSIsafe products on the horizon. Three major areas are explored in this article, which aims to educate and inform users of changes by comparing PSIsafe 12 to the previous generation, PSIsafe 11. Those areas are:


PSIsafe Records (Document-level Indexes)

PSIsafe Search

PSIsafe DocuSign



PSIsafe Records (Document-level Indexes)

Document records are index data attached at the document-level and line level, and are a new feature to the PSIsafe 12 generation.


Filer Batch Capture Description/Data Edit Key Takeaways
Below is a screenshot of PSIsafe 11 and PSIsafe 12 with a Filer Import window open: 
(click on the image to expand):

As seen here, the differences between the Filer windows primarily center around the addition of Document Records (Document-level Indexes) from their previous "Document Segments" terminology, which mostly revolved around the configuration of a naming scheme within PSIsafe Management.

Additional changes include: 

  • Document Import field moved from Top to Left-hand Side
  • File All Documents moved to bottom-left corner from Options tab
  • Title and Folder Position Switched
  • Automatic Titling from Document Records

Learn more about Document Records:

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PSIsafe Search

PSIsafe Search has been updated and optimized to take advantage of improved Search algorithms as well as expanded search query and filtering options, as well as interface changes to make the entire experience easier for the user. Below is a comparison of the PSIsafe 11 Search windows compared to the PSIsafe 12 search windows, highlighting their differences and informing users on how the updates will affect their search experience.


Document Search Full-text Search Folder Search Key Takeaways
Below is a screenshot of PSIsafe 11 and PSIsafe 12 with a Document Search window open: 
(click on the image to expand):

As seen here, the differences between the Search interfaces is the removal of the quick search functionality, which often caused more problems than it solved, and the consolidation of the Advanced Search interface into a series of simple tabs. Several other elements of the interface have been relocated for better ease of use, including:

  • Cabinet Selection moved from hidden "Cabinets" button, that expands on click, to full Cabinets Selection Pane in upper-left of Search window.
  • Document Search, Full Text Search, and Folder Search tabs moved to left-hand side to expand the usable area of the Search Window, while more clearly differentiating the search areas.
  • Documents can now be searched via Folder Criteria by clicking the "Folder Criteria" tab. This allows users to search for content based on Folder indexes.
  • With the addition of Document Records (Document-level indexes) users can now search for documents based on attached Document Record metadata.
  • Save/Load Query moved to bottom-left to highlight the functionality.
  • The Filter List now has right-click functionality to allow for better functionality when adding, removing, and grouping Queries for a specific search:
    • filter1.png
  • Display SQL function added.
  • Search Results window moved to separate next-step interface that renders when the "Search for Documents" button is pressed and the search is completed.
  • Layout button removed.


Learn more about PSIsafe Search and Document Records:

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PSIsafe DocuSign

PSIsafe DocuSign is a modern and robust replacement for the legacy PSIsafe eSIGN system, letting users take advantage of the incredible tools and functionality of the DocuSign Web interface. Users can send envelopes to be signed directly from PSIsafe, complete Drafts in the DocuSign Web Interface, and monitor completed signatures directly in the PSIsafe Desktop Client.


Legacy eSIGN Envelope Config DocuSign Web Key Takeaways
Below is a screenshot of PSIsafe 11 and PSIsafe 12 with an eSIGN and DocuSign window open: 
(click on the image to expand):

The differences between the eSIGN and DocuSign interfaces are numerous, but overall the simplification of the process lends to an all-around better user experience. Essentially, instead of trying to configure document signatures in a small window within PSIsafe, users get to use the advanced functionality of the DocuSign web interface instead. This applies both to the sending of content and the configuration of the signature page templates for signed content. Below is a brief list of differences a user would experience between the two modules:

  • Assigned email addresses for signers moved to DocuSign Web interface.
  • Documents are condensed into Envelopes during the submission process, and the completion of the process takes place in the DocuSign Web interface.
  • Advanced functionality of the DocuSign Web interface allows for on-the-fly configuration of signature fields, initial fields, and much more.
  • Envelopes can be pre-configured with certain criteria within the DocuSign Web interface.

Learn more about DocuSign:

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