PSIcapture Installation Guide: Activating PSIcapture via Standalone Licensing


Step-by-step Standalone Licensing Walkthrough

  1. PSIcapture's Licensing process for Standalone Licensing only requires a few steps. After freshly installing PSIcapture, the following screen will appear when you launch for the first time:first.png

  2. Select the "Obtain a license using a product key (stand-alone install, NFR install, etc.).

  3. You'll then see your "Product Key to Register" field, in which you can use your product key, which starts with PS. Remember they types of keys available:
    LSxxx-xxxxxxxx – License Server Activation Key
    PLxxx-xxxxxxxx – License Server Key
    PSxxx-xxxxxxxx – Product Key

  4. Complete the registration form with the client's contact information. (areas in bold are required).
  5. Once complete, PSIcapture will activate your license online and launch the application with all your licensed volumes.

If your business needs require using the PSIcapture License Server instead, check out that article here:

PSIcapture Installation Guide: Activating and Licensing the License Server

If you are using a restricted environment that does not have access to the Internet, or you need activate offline, check out the article here:

PSIcapture Installation Guide: Activate Using Offline Licensing


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