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Bates Stamping is a legal industry standard for organizing and numbering multi-page legal documents. PSIcapture provides two methodologies for applying Bates Stamping: Capture Bates Stamping and Migration Bates Stamping. Capture based stamping applies Bates Stamps during the initial capture phase of a workflow. Migration based stamping applies Bates Stamps in the Migration phase of a workflow, which is typically the final phase.

Below, PSIcapture Administrators can explore Bates Stamping in-depth to best determine how to configure it for their unique workflow.


A common example of Bates Stamping is in Pre-Processing of a Capture/Import Workflow Step:




A common example of Bates Stamping is in Pre-Processing of a Migration Workflow Step:




After enabling Bates Stamping by selecting the "Enable bates stamping" checkbox, Administrators are presented with several dialogues. The following is a breakdown of these areas:


NOTE: The Bates Stamping function in the Migrations module affects ONLY images files and not OCR files. There are 3rd party products that are plug-ins to Adobe Professional that can handle this task.


Bates Stamping Settings Definition




Stamps Tab


This is the name tag for this bates stamp. Click "Add" or "Delete" as needed to add different stamps.

Stamp Format

  • Font
    Choose the desired font from the drop down list of system installed fonts. NOTE: Some fonts produce better results than others.
  • Font Color
    Choose one of the many colors of the system color palette.
  • Background Color
    Choose one of the many colors of the system color palette however, “Transparent” (default) or “White” are highly recommended.
  • Font Size
    Choose the desired font size.
  • Rotation
    Choose the desired rotation angle of the text on the image.
  • Position
    Choose the X and Y coordinates in either pixels or inches. Choose the orientation of X, From Left or From Right and Y, From Top or From Bottom.

Sections for Current Bates Stamp

  • Name
    This is the name tag for this bates stamp section.

Stamp Sections

Section Options:

  • Section Type
    There are 4 section types to choose from:
  • System Field
    Choose from one of the following system fields:

  • Index Field
    Choose from one of the defined batch/folder/document index fields from this Document Type.
  • Constant
    Choose from any printable character however, a space or underscore are the most common.
  • Auto Number Settings


    Select from the drop down box: New Counter Per Batch or one of the defined shared counters or click Setup and then Add to create a new shared counter.
    • Width - Set the number of digits for the Auto Number section.
    • Pad with character - Select the character to pad or prefix with if the width selected above is greater than its value.
    • Output Format - Select the desired structure (mask) of the Bates string. NOTE: Click “Help” for output formatting help, or see Text Field Masking in the Appendix section of this manual.
    • Convert to uppercase - Selecting this option will cause all alpha characters to be printed in uppercase.
    • Counter - If "New Counter Per Batch" is selected, the user will be asked to create a new counter each time a new batch is created. The use can also choose one of the pre-existing shared counters. Click Setup and then Add to create a new shared counter.


      • Display Name - Enter a name for the new counter. This counter as well as all other existing counters will also be accessible through Shared Counters.
      • Initial Value - Enter a numeric value as the starting point of this new counter.
      • Reset Counter (Setup Counters)- Highlight the counter to be reset and select reset. This will set the value to 0.
      • Update/Enter new counter value - Highlight a counter then click “Update” to change the Counter Value of said counter.
      • Increment By - Set a value by which to step up each time.
        • Every - Select to increment every PageDocument, or Folder.

Bates Stamp Preview

This displays how the configured Bates Stamp will appear on the Image.


Options Tab




Create Border for Bates Stamps - Creates a border for all Bates Stamps

Percent to shrink original image - The entire image will be shrunk this percentage

Image Position - Anchor the image in order to get the desired white space to stamp the image without over writing something on the image.

  • Anchoring to the Center will create equal space on all sides.

  • Anchoring to the Top will create space at the Bottom.

  • Anchoring to the Bottom will create space at the Top.

  • Anchoring to the Left will create space at the Right.

  • Anchoring to the Right will create space at the Left.

Page Processing Options

Processing option:

  • All Pages
  • Selected Pages Only
  • All Pages Except Selected Pages
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