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Imprinting is a method of adding a printed watermark to a scanned document at the time of scan. This setting can be useful in a variety of businesses and workflows where marking a scanned document after its capture is important.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Scanners in use must contain the ability to imprint and be configured to do so.

NOTE: Scanning may become significantly slower.


Imprinting Settings Definition

Users an Add, Delete, or Move up and down any created imprinter text.


Imprinter Text

Name - This area displays the names of any imprinter text created. 

Section Settings - Here the user can configure any settings for each named imprinter text.

Section Type -There are 3 section types to choose from:

  1. System Field - Choose from one of the defined index fields from this Capture Profile.


  2. Constant - Choose from any printable character. A space or underscore are common.


  3. Auto Number - Bates Stamps can contain section(s) with auto incrementing numbers.


    1. Width - Set the number of digits for the Auto Number section.
      1. Pad with character - Select the character to pad or prefix with if the width selected above is greater than its value.
    2. Output Format - Select the desired structure (mask) of the Bates string. NOTE: Click “Help” for output formatting help, or see Text Field Masking in the Appendix section of this manual.
      1. Convert to uppercase - Selecting this option will cause all alpha characters to be printed in uppercase.
    3. Counter - If "New Counter Per Batch" is selected, the user will be asked to create a new counter each time a new batch is created. The use can also choose one of the pre-existing shared counters. Click Setup and then Add to create a new shared counter.
      For more information, see PSIcapture Administrator Guide: Shared Counters
    4. Initial Value - Enter a numeric value as the starting point of this new counter.
    5. Increment By - Set a value by which to step up each time.

Imprinter Text Preview

This displays how the configured imprinter text will appear on the page.

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