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A Document Set allows users to create a collection of documents in PSIsafe without having to complete the creation process multiple times. If groups of documents are commonly used together, you can group them into a Document Set, which will allow PSIsafe Users to create them all at the same time. In a nutshell, multiple templates can be associated with a Cabinet's Document Set, and regardless of the managers/extensions associated with those templates, the creation of the Document Set can be configured to suit your business needs.


Document Set Criteria for Eligibility


When attempting to see if a template is eligible to be a document set, Administrators will select the template (left-click) and select "Document Set Validity", as seen in the screenshot below:




The above message may appear:


Template not eligible to be used in a document set for the selected cabinet "[Cabinet]".

Criteria for eligibility:

  1. Only one tab for this cabinet must be defined in restrict appearance selection.
  2. Only one manager must be set.
  3. Only one extension must be set.
  4. Defined extension must have a valid document file associated with it.
  5. Document-level Indexes (Document Records) must not have ‘Is Required’ attribute set.
  6. Extension must not be XFM for fillable forms. Only PDF Forms are supported.
  7. Extension must not be DOC for Word Merge. Only DOCX Word Merge Forms are supported.
  8. Post Template action (Workflow & Export) must be fully defined (if applicable).


Understanding Document Sets


As explained above, to maintain compatibility with as a Document Set, while a single template must have only one manager & extension associated, and also must have a valid document "picked" and associated in template setup process, a Document Set can be created for any cabinet and be modified to allow for subsequent Workflow processing.


A Document Set is primarily used for a set of documents that the PSIsafe User wishes to create in a single filing process. A good example is Onboarding documents. Most organizations typically have an established onboarding process, with multiple documents that may span multiple filetypes (e.g. PDF, DOCX, etc.). Bundling these documents together into a defined Document Set will allow PSIsafe Users to quickly and easily create the documents based on their business needs. Forms, either PDF or Word Merge, have the ability to pull in Folder Index data and simplify the process further.


Document Set Setup


Once you've established that your templates are compatible via the checks above, we can move on to setting up the Document Set. To begin creating a Document Set, open PSIsafe Management to the Cabinets section, then Edit or Create a new Cabinet, and select the "Document Sets" button in the lower-left, as seen in the screenshot below:




Once selected, the following screen will appear:




If you have not created any Document Sets, this section will be blank. Either create a new Document Set via "Add" or select the "Edit" button on existing set to make changes. The following subsequent screen appears:




Selecting the "Add" or "Remove" button will allow the Administrator to add or remove different templates to this Document Set. Each template selected should meet the criteria established in the previous section.

NOTE: If your template doesn't appear when attempting to add it, then double-check the compatibility in the previous section.

Create W/New Folder - This checkbox allows users to automatically create the Document Set when a new folder is created. If applicable, the Folder Index values will also be used to automatically populate corresponding form fields. This checkbox should only be used in business practices where the creation of a new folder inherently suggests that the Document Set should also be created.

Once complete, select the "Save" button to complete the Document Set creation process.


Note on Document Set Titles


Some combinations of Document Title settings will yield different results with the above Create W/New Folder setting. For more information, see:

PSIsafe Document Titles FAQ


Creating a Document Set - User Experience


Once the setup process is complete, there are multiple ways to create your Document Set as needed. If the checkbox "Create W/New Folder" was selected in the setup above, simply creating a new folder will reveal the document set already present in the newly-created folder. If applicable, merged form data from Folder Indexes will also be present. In the screenshot below, a new folder was created and the Document Set contents are the only files currently within the new folder:




To manually create a Document Set, select New > Document Set as seen in the screenshot below:




Once selected, a subsequent dialog window will appear in which the PSIsafe User can select the appropriate Document Set for creation:




Once selected, the Document Set will be automatically created and placed within the active folder. As stated previously, any PDF Form or Word Merge field data that has been linked to Folder Indexes will be automatically populated within the created documents, saving PSIsafe Users a great deal of time in the filing process.


For more information on configuring Templates or Forms, see the following articles:


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