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This article is intended for On-Premises & Cloud customers.


This article is intended for PSIsafe Administrators.



The following is a walkthrough of the PSIsafe Share User access granting process, performed only by PSIsafe Administrators with the corresponding permissions, or by the PSIsafe System Administrator account. Explore the step-by-step guide below to grant access to PSIsafe Share to specific users.


Granting PSIsafe Share Access to Users

In order for a PSIsafe User to use any of the functions of PSIsafe Share, that user must have the Share User option checked in Account Permissions and Settings area of their User Profile. In order to access this area, the PSIsafe Administrator must login to PSIsafe Management with an account that has been granted access to the "Users" area, or login as the System Administrator.

  1. Select User Settings > Users > [Select the user that needs Share access] > Edit:


  2. Click "Next" on the screen that appears to proceed to "Account Permissions and Settings: Step 2 of 4" as seen in the screenshot below:

  3. Assuming that PSIsafe Share has been properly registered (see PSIsafe Share Administrator Guide: Registering PSIsafe Share if this process has not been completed), then the user can now use all the functions of PSIsafe Share. For a full guide on how to use PSIsafe Share as a user, see:


    PSIsafe SHARE User Guide: Overview


Access for non-PSIsafe Users: Adding to the Share Address Book

Note: This information is duplicated for ease of use from:

PSIsafe Share: Adding and Editing the Address Book

In order for documents to be shared with non-PSIsafe end users they will need to be added to the Share Address Book. Share uses its own address book of end users. The first time documents are shared with an end user a unique Share account is created. End users can be added to the address book on an per end user basis or imported in bulk from Outlook, Gmail, or a delimited file.

  1. Login into PSIsafe as a user who has been granted PSIsafe Share access via the above process.
  2. Click on "SHARE" from the header navigation menu:


  3. Click on the Address Book button.
  4. Enter at least a contact name and email address before clicking the Add New Contact button.


    IMPORTANT NOTE: The PSIsafe User attempting to Share content externally must have their full name input on the User Profile Configuration page, as seen here:


    For more information on this product area, see: PSIsafe Management Administrator Guide: Users

  5. Be sure to click on the "Save Changes" button to save any edits or additions made.

End User Fields

User Field Labels can be customized by changing the text “User Field #” in the New Contact Information. Highlight each label and add your “User Field 1, 2, 3, and 4” - User Fields are unique to the user. In the example added User Field 1-Phone, User Field 2 Status, User Field 3 Type, and User Field 4 City. The fields do not have to be added, they are users’ choice. This is not the same column chooser as in the regular client, this only applies to the Share Address Book.



NOTE: Be sure to click on the "Save Changes" button to save any edits or additions made.


Importing End Users

PSIsafe Share Address Book allows users to import contact straight from Outlook, Gmail, or a delimited csv file.

  1. Click on "Show Import" at the bottom of the Address Book window. The available account for import opens at the top of the Address Book screen as shown below.


  2. Select how contacts should be imported and click on the “Load Plugin” button. 
  3. In this example we chose to use a CSV file. After clicking the "Load Plugin" button, we are presented with the following screen, which allows us to select the CSV file in question, determine the Delimiter, and check a box to determine whether a header is added or not.


  4. Click “OK” to finish the process.
  5. Be sure to click on the "Save Changes" button to save any edits or additions made.

End User Groups

  1. To create a group, select the email addresses you wish to group by holding the control key (Ctrl) and clicking each email.
  2. Select Group Selection at the bottom of the Address Book window and the Address List popup will appear:


  3. Enter the desired name for the group and click OK.
  4. Be sure to click on the "Save Changes" button to save any edits or additions made.


Document-level Permissions

When using PSIsafe Share functionality as an end-user, it's important to note that the user must have at least "Edit" level access rights on the document or content they wish to share. Below is a screenshot of the PSIsafe Management > Access > Rights section opened to a specific user, with the "Edit" level of permissions highlighted:




Again, the user must have at least "Edit" level of permissions in order to be able to send content to external users via PSIsafe Share. Higher levels of permissions (Create, Delete, Lock) are of course acceptable. Lower levels of permissions will result in an error when attempting to send content via PSIsafe Share. For more information on configuring user permissions, see:

PSIsafe Management Administrator Guide: Access Rights


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